Do you have a TP-LINK Deco router, a popular router model? And unsure of the tp-link deco login into the router’s administrative console? If this sounds familiar, you’ve reached the correct spot!

You will need your router’s IP address, login id, and passcode to log in to your TP-LINK Deco router. Such details can be found in your TP-LINK Deco router’s manual or the Deco website. However, you need to ensure one thing. To view the router admin console, you need to be linked to the router.


Tip: You can use a LAN cable to connect your computer and router if WiFi issues prevent you from connecting to the router. Check out how to fix the Ubee WiFi setup.

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How To Discover The IP Address Of A Deco Router?

You can manually determine your router’s IP address if you’re unsure if it uses You can quickly recover your password and find the IP address by executing just one command on your device.


However, before you begin with this article on identifying your wireless router’s IP address, we need you to type into your browser’s address bar and see if the router’s login page appears. If you receive an error message or the page loads slowly, the IP address listed for your Deco router is likely not

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Default Username & Password Of Deco Routers

By checking the Deco Router’s user handbook, you may quickly determine the router’s default login and password. It includes the router’s IP address and the default tp link deco login information.


Suppose you cannot locate the default login information for your Deco router. In that case, you may also search our database, which has the login information for 5,000+ router models and 470+ router brands. The best thing is that we organized the data in alphabetic order so you can easily navigate your router’s credentials.

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TP-LINK Deco Login Guide

These are the steps for TP-Link deco login.

  1. To enter the admin interface, open your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or another browser), and then type (the router’s default IP address) into the address bar.
  2. Two text boxes should contain blanks for a login id and credentials. 
  3. Examine the router’s bottom. Your login information is located there. Or else, check the supporting documents that arrived with your router device.
  4. After having entered the user id and passcodes and clicking “Enter,” you can navigate to your tp-link deco web interface.

Default Usernames, Passwords, And IPs For TP-Link Deco Login

Check the several ID/password permutations that TP-LINK regularly uses, shown in the following table. These are the most prevalent TP-LINK default login and password combinations. The username and passcode provided at the beginning of this article do not always work. To log in to your TP-LINK Deco router, try the username/password permutations listed below.

tp link web browser

Default Username And Passwords

These are the username and passwords that you can use while logging in.

Username  Password
admin admin
(blank) admin
admin ttnet
admin 2011
create in setup create in setup
n/a admin
(n/a) super
(blank) (blank)
(blank) user-created

Default TP-Link Deco IP Addresses

These are the IP addresses for TP-Link

Default IP’s
plugin. CN

The Last Alternative For TP-Link Deco Login

Even after trying all the methods mentioned earlier, you fail at tp-link deco login. Resetting your modem is all that you have to do. This can be achieved by simply pushing the reset button on your deco device’s lower face or rear. If you press and hold this little button for around thirty seconds, your router will be reset to factory default settings (you will need a sharp object such as a needle or toothpick for this).

tp linl

It is essential to know that resetting or reconfiguring your WiFi modem device will interrupt your internet connectivity. As a result, it is advised to take the assistance of a specialist in this field. If you do not have enough knowledge, it is strongly recommended that you seek help and support from someone thoroughly well-versed in the subject.

How To Reset My Deco Router

A router can be easily reset. At the bottom of each router’s body is a button that can be used to return it to its primary state. Depending on the router type, the controller may be simple to press or require a pin, similar to the sim card ejector tool.


Press the Deco router’s bottom button for two to three seconds to restore the device to its factory default settings and passwords. You can log back into your router’s admin interface using the default username and password after it has been reset for deco network login.

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Can I link Deco to my computer?

Deco is compatible with wired and wireless connections. Enter Deco's WiFi name into the browser and access using the WiFi password for wireless devices. Furthermore, each Deco has two Ethernet connections on the rear for wired devices.

How to Change Deco's LAN IP Address?

Simply connect your device to the Deco's WiFi, then launch the Deco Application. Select 'More,' and then select 'Advanced.' Select 'LAN IP.' Modify the IP address and subnet mask to your liking. Hit 'Save,' then 'CHANGE' to confirm and complete the setting procedure.

Can I have two primary decorations?

Absolutely. Set up and add multiple Deco models to the same network. Then you may link them together to create the Ethernet backhaul connection.

What's the deal with my Deco blinking red?

Blinking Red indicates that the remote routers are not connected to the main unit. Typically, this shows ISP issues; however, because your Decos are in AP mode, it might imply a communication problem with the main router.

How do I get rid of the red light on my TP-Link router?

All you have to do is unhook the extension from the plug. Leave it unplugged for 10-20 seconds before plugging it back into the electrical socket. Give it a few minutes to start up fully and reconnect. You should start seeing green lights soon.

What's the distinction between a modem and a router?

Your modem is the device that links your local network and the Internet. A router is hardware that allows all wired and wireless equipment to use the same Net access and communicate with each other without using the Internet.


TP-Link provides the deco route for wireless devices to connect your entire house or office to a strong network through a WiFi system. Several models are out in the market to select the best one for you. However, many users have trouble logging in to their routers. Whether it is a Huawei router or a Cisco router, if you are facing issues in login, we’ve got your back.

In this article, we discussed configuring the TP-LINK Deco routers. We also disclosed the Deco router’s IP address and the default login and password likely utilized by the devices. We hope that this article will be helpful to you in solving your tp-link deco login issue.

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