We only need a source to increase our network connections in the wireless world. We’re here to provide you with a quick rundown of the situation. TOTOLINK is one of the most trusted routers in the market. If you cannot log into your router, nothing is wrong. After this post, we’ll provide a quick checklist that should enable you to perform the Totolink login very efficiently.

You must be familiar with the TOTOLINK router login procedures if you have a TOTOLINK wireless router in your network and wish to change some of its settings. There is a significant probability that you won’t run into any difficulties accessing the router settings because the entire login process is relatively straightforward.

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What Are The Default TOTOLINK Login Details?

The following is the default Totolink wifi login information, in case you haven’t updated it:

Default IP address: or, generally confused as login. Users should enter the correct one, i.e., It is the private IP address precisely for private networks. (this depends on the router model)What Are The Default TOTOLINK Router Login Details?

Default username: admin

Default Password: admin

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How To Login To Totolink Router?

  1. Set up the device’s network connection.
  2. Launch your favorite browser to access your router’s admin panel, and type into the address box.
  3. Enter the default username and password in the router’s login box. On occasion, the router’s back will contain the Totolink login information. Alternatively, take a look at the instruction manual. Once you have entered your username and password and clicked the log in button, you can access the router’s user interface.


You can give a try to the following usernames and passwords if the provided information is ineffective:

Username Passwords
admin admin
admin 123456
onlime_r 12345

 The most common IPs used by TOTOLINK routers:-


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How To Change The Totolink Router Admin Username And Password?

Your router should be safe from unwanted access to the settings if you change the default admin username or password. The default admin totaling login and password are problematic because anyone readily discovers them.

If that occurs, the person using your network can quickly enter the router settings and mess everything up, including blocking you from the web and altering the wifi password, among other things. It is advised that you update the admin password as soon as you can to avoid this happening.How To Change The Totolink Router Admin Username And Password

  1. You must click System in the menu on the left, then click Password Settings after accessing the TOTOLINK router settings.
  2. Now, fill in the correct boxes with the current admin username and password.
  3.  Next, enter the new password and username. To be sure you didn’t miswrite it the first time, you must enter the new password again in the Confirmed New Password section.
  4. To finalize the changes, press the Apply button right now. Log back in using the updated login information if you accidentally log out of the admin dashboard. 

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How Can I Change The SSID and Password on my TOTOLINK Router?

Here are the steps to change the SSID and password on the TOTOLINK router.

  1. After the Totolink login, select Wireless from the menu on the left, followed by Basic Settings.
  2. Enter the new network name into the SSID area.
  3. Choose WPA2 for encryption.
  4. Make sure AIS is selected in the WPA2 Cipher Suite section.
  5. Select Passphrase in the Pre-Shared Key Format drop-down menu.
  6. Finally, enter the new Totolink wifi password in the Pre-Shared Key field.

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Can’t Log in To TOTOLINK Router?

Is your computer or gadget linked to the network? Although this is the initial step, there are instances when we forget to use our cell phone network to access the internet or utilize a different network altogether. Just make sure you are linked to the appropriate network by checking this and the following.

Which router IP address— or—is correct? Your ISP may occasionally choose to use a different IP address by default. Or, if someone else gave you the router, they might have modified the default IP. In that situation, you must determine the IP address of the router. Please adhere to the instructions provided in this article. Use that IP address if there is one listed as the default gateway.

Is the IP appropriately spelled? This error is highly typical. Instead of typing actual numbers, people frequently use letters that resemble them. For instance, they enter a little “l,” even though a “1” would be more appropriate. The same holds if the letter “O” rather than zero is used. Keep in mind that the IP address solely comprises numbers. Can’t Log in To TOTOLINK Router?

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Are you using the browser’s search bar to enter the IP address? The Totolink login page won’t load if you enter the IP address in the search bar. Alternatively, you will receive search results about the IP address you entered. In the URL bar, type it.

Is your internet browser updated? The absence of the router login page might be caused by a long period since your last browser update.

Do you have a firewall or antivirus software running? These apps occasionally prevent the router login page from showing. Therefore, turn off the firewall or antivirus software and try again.

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Other Issues

Do you have the correct admin username and password entered? If you have forgotten the custom ones, reset the router to the factory default settings before logging in with the new ones. The default ones are the same for both.

If you are adequately prepared, accessing the TOTOLINK admin dashboard is simple. It would help if you were online and equipped with the default admin Totolink login information. Even with all of the procedures, take a note or two.Other Issues

Additionally, a few simple adjustments will increase network security, and there are numerous other options you can modify to make the network more private and safe. Just go ahead and consider every possibility.

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What if we cannot log in to the router's setup page?

If users face problems in logging into the web interface of TOTOLINK, you should first check the line correction, then go for the input computer IP address, also give a hint to the login address, furthermore, go for the login password, and at last, you should change your browsers like google chrome, firefox, etc.

Is TOTOLINK a good router?

What is Totolink AC1200?


Totolink is one of the most innovative network services worldwide. It is the pioneer of network communication along with professionalism. With the help of the above manuscript, we wanted to make the Totolink login for users quite feasible.

We hope this would have landed them with ease and cleared up all their qualms. We also welcome all further problems that users face at any time. 

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