Smoothwall is a Linux distribution meant to be used as an open-source firewall. However, many users usually face severe problems with Smoothwall login and customization, so here is a step-by-step guideline for easy access. Let us first learn about Smoothwall.

With the growing digital world, the need for a system that regulates and governs the network traffic has gained a lot of importance and this, in turn, leads to ‘Smoothwall.’ Smoothwall includes internet security, central management, bandwidth, and malware services. It is a digital safeguard technology primarily created to secure people online. They also collaborate within the surrounding areas to infer the public sector habitats.

If you face any issue with Smoothwall login, this article will help you address it. 

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What Is Smoothwall?

It is a digital safety provider for schools and businesses. It is designed for easier use and is configured using a web-based GUI.smoothwall

Its excellence is beyond expression. It is a reliable Linux firewall product for everyone. 

Visit: Smoothwall

Smoothwall Login

There is an SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) login Page; users should use this to customize the background image, title image, and messages displayed on the SSL login page.smoothwall

It can also be used to show or hide links to the HTTPS interception page, so users can download and install relevant certificates. 

LOCATION: First Services> Authentication> SSL login.

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Customize SSL Login

Follow the following for customizing SSL Login.

Title Image: Choose File

This opens the dialogue box for users to choose a file to mend the default Smoothwall logo.smoothwall Displayed on the SSL login page with their image.

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Background Image: Choose The File

This also opens up the open dialogue box for users to choose a replacement for the SSL login page background image.


SSL Login Page Test


You need to enter the text to display the format if you want to exhibit additional information on this SSL login page.

HTTPS Inspection Certificate Link


This displays the link to take users to the HTTPS interception page. 

SSL Certificate

UI preferences – This opens the User Interface page for you to choose the SSL certificate from the Certificates center.  


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Smoothwall User Portal

LOCATION: first Services> User portal> Portals> and finally, you can access the User Portal.


  1. After starting your web browser, enter the address to the Smoothwall User Portal in the following manner: HTTP://<Smoothwall_IPAddress>/portal, where <Smoothwall_IPAddress> refers to the IP address for the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall Hardware appliance, for example, HTTP://
  2. If you want to continue to the sign-in page, click on OK and Proceed to accept any certificates and other security information.
  3. Next, You have to enter your Username and Password and click on Smoothwall Login. You can get your Username and passwords for access from the User Portal System.
  4. Lastly, for leaving the Smoothwall User Portal, click on Log-Out. This is how users can manage their login passwords.

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Search For Your Default Usernames and Passwords 

There are many ways to find the default login credentials of your router. 


Checking Your Router Login Details

A few routers attach a username sticker and password, so you must be aware of the same.smoothwall

Users can find the Username online while referring to these stickers passwords is recommended. 

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Finding Your Default Router IP

From the ques bar which says: Who is the manufacturer of your router, search for your router.smoothwall

If you fail to find yours, you can use the following method. 

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Reading The Router Manually

This is another way to find your default credentials—a manual acts like a handbook with the router. If users have retained the box of routers, it will be much easier to find the manual. It is generally stated that the default credentials are printed inside the manuals. One can go through the manuals thoroughly to get the required information. Those who have not retained their boxes can try their luck online. You can find manuals for each of your routers on chrome.smoothwall

Users can easily find your router’s default username and password using these online manuals. 

This is how users can handle their passwords and accounts. 

Above listed are there best ways to retrieve your control of the router settings. The process of resetting is much easier. It would help if you were careful with the pin you will use to press the router button. Pushing it too hard may lead to damage. 

After the reset, you must enter your router’s IP address in the address bar. This will lead to the appearance of a login page, wherein you can use the credentials to gain access to your router settings. This could be found on Google as well. 

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Some Popular Router IPs

These are some of the popular Router IPs.

  8., this will help you in Smoothwall login.


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Smoothwall Support

Smoothwall is the most trusted digital safety provider in the world. Users can browse their knowledge base, provide feedback, and view product documentation and updates; you can also contact the customer success team. It has almost 20 years’ worth of experience, assisting users all the time in any part of the world. This is how users can get well along with the Smoothwall support.smoothwall support

A blocklist feedback app provides users with the help with further aid. 

Also, the award-winning monitor-managed service is provided by the users free of charge for a 30 days trial. That helps them get complete knowledge of the environment for one month. 

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Smoothwall Download

The company which develops Smoothwall is smoothwall itself. Their latest version was 3.0, given a rating above four by a survey.Smoothwall

So users should only go for the newest version of smoothwall download from a recognized site. 

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Smoothwall Filter

It is the most prudent and widely used filter in UK education.smoothwall filter

It is the only filter used more efficiently for safe and secure online learning programs and supports four factors: real-time, accurate content analysis, granular control, and hybrid development.

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Smoothwall Firewall

It acts like a next-generation firewall, combining seven-layer applications with a perimeter firewall.smoothwall firewall Protects against known and zero-day threats. 

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Give some valid justifications to use smoothwall.

All of the smoothwall solutions are designed to exceed legislation. It combines with a smoothwall filter. It features anti-malware protection, intrusion detection, and prevention.

Does smoothwall have any role in the healthcare sector?

It enables healthcare organizations to provide safer access to internet services for clinical non-clinical staff, patients, and their family members.

Do I need a smoothwall filter and firewall?

A smoothwall monitor managed service provides its unique artificial service, which is solely enough to satisfy all the users; there is no need for any other products. Smoothwall login supports all such features.

Can you bypass Smoothwall?

There are two techniques to get around the proxy. We are adding the target domains/IP addresses to the client's proxy bypass settings and adding IP addresses to the Smoothwall's transparent proxy bypass settings.

How can I uninstall Smoothwall on my Chromebook?

Click Directories on the Smoothwall's SERVICES menu under the Authentication submenu. Hover the mouse over the directory: If it is no longer required, click Delete. If you wish to keep it, click Edit and uncheck the Enabled box under Status.


Smoothwall is a clan of internet defense products designed to defend users from external attacks. SmoothWall Express is a Linux-based system. Linux is one of the most trusted open-source security. It is proven to be completely secure and highly configurable. There is no need to install a separate OS because it includes a hardened subset of the GNU operating system.  

Smoothwall login allows users to explore a varied range of digital safety resources. 

Through the above article, we have tried to address all your queries about the same. We hope this will be of greater use to all users.

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