Despite being a well-known manufacturer of wireless routers, SMC routers do not have a standard username and password to access their configuration menu. Depending on the model, there are several usernames and passwords. smc router

You can consult your handbook to find the list of SMC default usernames, SMC passwords, and private IP addresses for your SMC router if you want to obtain access to it. As an alternative, try the username-password combination for your model from the list of SMC Router Passwords below. Click here to know How To Block Internet Access | Block Someone Using Your WiFi

Default Passwords for SMC Router Default Login

These are the list of some default passwords for successful login in an SMC router:


SMC Router Login

To login to your SMC modem, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your web browser and enter the default IP address of in the address bar to log in to the SMC browser
  2. The router login page with two text fields where you can enter an SMC username and an SMC password should now appear.


3. Your SMC router’s default username is cusadmin, and the default password is password.smc router LOGIN

4. Enter the username and password on the router’s login page, click “Login,” and the SMC router control panel should now appear.


Remember that to do this; you must be at home and connected to wifi.

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Common Errors Faced While Logging 

If you’re having trouble logging into your router, your username or password is probably incorrect. After changing both, don’t forget to make a note of them.

  • Forgot your login password? Attempt a hard reset of the router login. Hold the little black button on the router’s rear for approximately 10 seconds to accomplish this. Your router will be reset to its default settings with this.ERRORS IN LOG IN
  • Not loading the router login page? Check if your device is linked to Wi-Fi if the login page won’t load. You must also verify that the incorrect router IP address is not the default.


  • Occasionally, pages may experience loading or performance issues. Your network is most likely utilizing a different IP address in this situation. If this happens, look up the correct address using our list of IP address routers. If you need assistance, check out our tutorial on locating your router’s IP address.

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How to Reset the SMC Wireless Router?

The first and most crucial step in ensuring network security is to alter the default login and password. If you cannot go through the SMC router login process because of an incorrect username and password, you can reset your SMC router. 

To reset the SMC router, follow these steps.

A pin, paper clip, or another object that can fit through the reset button hole is required to reset the router.

  1. All the cables on the rear of your SMC router must be unplugged, except the power cable, to perform a hard reset.UNPLUG CABLE
  2. Press and hold the router’s RESET button with a pen or paper clip for 10 to 15 seconds while it is ON.


3. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds, then unplug the device’s power cable for 15 seconds.


4. Reconnect the device’s power cable after 10 seconds while you’re still holding down the reset button.reset router

5. Then, after an additional ten seconds, release the RESET button.


You can now go through the SMC login process to reach your router’s admin page.

Remember that resetting the SMC router will reset it to factory default settings and delete all your customized settings.

If, after plugging in the power cord, you are still unable to access your router, try pressing and holding the reset button for five seconds four times in succession. Then try to reaccess the router by using the SMC network default login. Also, check out our article on How To Reset Linksys Router | The Complete Guidelines

Upgrade your SMC Router

It’s crucial to enable automatic firmware updates on your SMC router and keep it current because router software frequently has severe faults and security flaws.

To enable automatic updates, log in to your SMC network router, find the section that includes them, and choose “ON.”upgrade
And even if the router has an auto-update, check periodically to ensure that it is active and that the router firmware is current. 

You can go through the SMC router login process again to confirm your updated router version using the updated SMC username and password if changed. You can also read our article on How To Perform HG8245A Firmware Update Easily

Change SMC Modem Wifi Password and Name

It would be best if you altered the SMC default wifi name (SSID), as doing so will make it simpler for other users to understand which network they are connecting to.

  1. To find the wifi name of your SMC Router, look for the Network Name (SSID). Since this is not a Facebook status, avoid using your name, address, or other personal details.SSID
  2. You must enable WPA2-PSK encryption on your SMC router after entering the name of your network. The most substantial encryption standard for residential networks is that one.


3. The password you will use to connect to your home wifi is the WPA Pre-Shared Key, so type it in. Please limit it to 16–20 characters. Don’t use the same password to log in to your SMC router! WPA Pre-Shared Key

4. You can now go through the SMC router login process once again to reach your router’s admin panel with updated credentials.


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How do I find my SMC password?

Your SMC router's default username is admin, and SMCADM is the default password. You should now be able to access your router's control panel after entering the username and password and pressing 'Enter.'

What is the best way to troubleshoot an SMC router?

First, verify that the WAN cable is attached to the router's appropriate 'WAN' port. Then, confirm your connection using either a LAN cable attached to a router port marked 'LAN' or the wifi network.

How to log in to an SMC router?

Enter the router's IP address in your browser's address bar, followed by your router password and username, and then click OK or log in. The most likely default credentials are shown above.

How can I locate the username and password for my SMC router without having to reset it?

Search for your router's model number and 'manual' or 'default password' in the search bar. On the router's bottom, look for a sticker. Many routers have individual passwords, especially from internet service providers.

Does SMC have wifi?

The majority of the main campus and off-campus places have wireless network connectivity. Do not allow your phone, tablet, or laptop to go unattended.


Finally, ensure you are connected to a reliable internet source. Otherwise, you might face errors with any of the tutorials listed above or even the SMC router login. You can go to their website For any further brand-related queries concerning your router, you may contact the SMC wireless router help center for further assistance.

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