Are you facing trouble again and thinking of resetting the Eero beacon? Worry not, as today we give you an ultimate guide on resetting the Eero beacon.

Eero Beacon holding the mode number eero D010001 will make your wifi accessible in each corner of your home. However, sometimes you can encounter issues with it. Soft reset and Hard reset are the methods to reset your Eero beacon. Besides this, try resetting through the Eero app.

Fixing eero beacons will be easy if you go through the below-instructed methods. Read the guide below to get detailed information on resetting the Eero beacon. 

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How To Reset The Eero Beacon 

If your Eero beacon is not connecting, try these simple ways to get it back to work. 

reset eero beacon

Here are a few ways you can reset the Eero beacon

Factory Reset

You can find the reset button on the left of your Eero beacon. To reset, press the button for at least 15 seconds or until a red light blinks on the flash indicator.

factory reset

Wait till the indicator turns the red flashes into the blue. Your Eero beacon is ready for setup, and the factory reset is put to default. 

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Soft Reset

Go for a soft reset to keep your Eero beacon sessions. It will erase the network configurations. However, your advanced beacon settings, such as logs, IP reservations, and port forwarding configurations, are preserved.

soft reset

Hold the reset button to soft reset your Eero until a yellow LED flashes for 7 seconds; after this, you can release the reset button. The Eero LED must return to white flashes within a few minutes, and the Eero app will show a green light. 

Hard Reset 

Unlike the soft reset, where the logs and sessions are saved, the hard reset will clear all the network configurations and saved sessions from the Eero beacon.

hard reset

To perform a rugged reset eero beacon, hold the reset button for around 15 seconds until you see a red flash on the indicator. In some time, the hand will start to flash into blue light, indicating that the reset is complete and successful. 

Note: A hard reset on a gateway eero connected to your upstream device will clear the network and entire settings of your network. 

Therefore, if you want to reset only one Eero in a hard reset way, swap out your gateway for another Eero. 

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Reset Through The Eero App

To reset through the app. You must register to the app with your cell number or email address; however, if your Eero is already registered, follow the next steps. 

  1. Go to your Eero app and find the menu. network setting
  2. Once you open the menu, search for ‘network settings’ and other find ‘advanced settings.‘ You have to select the ‘delete network‘ option.  advanced setting
  3. Your network page will appear for deletion. You are supposed to continue all the warnings and then go for ‘delete network‘ and click ‘continue .delete network
  4. A confirmation window will pop up to delete your network. Press ‘delete‘ to confirm the process. In this way, you will reset the Eero beacon through the app.


After performing the above methods, the eero will blink white, indicating that the software is starting or connected to the internet. 

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Unplugging Power Cable

We recommend trying this simple troubleshooting method before applying any of the above methods. It will take about a minute for the eero to start and begin with the broadcasting process. 


Unplug the power cable of your beacon and wait for at least 30 minutes. After that, plug it back. You won’t have to attempt the above methods if the issue resolves. 


Why is my Eero Beacon not working?

What is the feature of the button on eero beacon?

How far can an eero Beacon be?

The eero beacon should not be more than 50 feet away from another beacon. To experience proper connectivity and a fast network,, keep the distance mentioned in the case of wireless.

How is eero beacon different from eero?

The models of eero have several types and each with distinctive characteristics. The most basic difference between an eero and an eero beacon is that the beacon does not have ports. Where eero and eero pro can start the network mesh, but the eero beacon needs to be connected to an already existing network of eero

What do the different light colors on the eero beacon mean?

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The above methods will conveniently solve your issues with resetting the Eero beacon. The complex and soft reset is accessible through the reset button on the Eero beacons. In contrast, another way is by opening the Eero app and selecting the ‘delete network’ option, which will reset your network. A suggestion to first try deploying is the power cycle of Eero should consider before trying the reset methods. 

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