Our systems are our constant companions. From working on the official report to entertaining ourselves by binging on Netflix, we accomplish companionship with our computer/laptop. So it can be inconvenient, when owing to certain circumstances, we have to part from them. However, to build this companionship into a relationship, the technology introduced remote desktop connection manager software.

Let us take a beginner’s level example.

Suppose you’re away from your office, enjoying your vacation. But suddenly you get a call from the office for some information about a said firm. But you have that information on some other system.

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Worry not. Now, you can access that computer and retrieve that information.

In another reality, you’re an admin/software engineer/technician. So, you need access to multiple remote devices regularly. It has become second nature to you. As it happens, you always face a problem when it comes to remembering six passkeys and as many different usernames as anyone would.

To ease things up for you a bit, some devices called Remote Desktop Connection Manager exist!!

Define Remote Desktop Connection Managers

If you break down the term of remote desktop connection manager, it means to manage the connections relating to remote desktops. Remote Desktops are the ones residing somewhere far, be it your office a few miles away, or some thousand miles away.

They liberate you from the stressful task that remembering passwords is. Instead, it does that and much more for you. They get you the option of saving all the credentials in one place.

But among numerous of these available, how would you know which one is the best? I’ve got your back. I’m going to shortlist a few Remote desktop Connection Manager for your comfort.

The rest is upon you to decide which one you want to use, or which one works for you the best of all.

Most Recommended Remote Desktop Connection Managers for Use in 2024

The following are the most widely recommended remote desktop connection manager. You can use any of these to deal with all your connections related stuff, so sit back while I tell you what I think about each of them.

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This software is uncomplicated as it offers a straightforward interface. mRemoteNG is the first one to have made it to the list of world-class Remote Desktop Connection Manager. It allows having all your information in one place, which, to see, is very feasible.

Visit the official website here.

mRemote NG
mRemote NG

Let us see some crucial traits it has got:

  • Aiding to its easy to operate and comprehend interface, it makes organization of files, a cakewalk. These files most probably contain the information related to your far-away connectivity.
  • Enable the full screen while working with this application.
  • They are automatically keeping records of details.
  • It can use connections of various sorts, for instance, telnet, Http, RAW.
  • It enables you to hop back and forth among several tabs when you are trying to keep an eye on multiple connectivities (which is the case, a lot of times).

This is one of the first of our remote desktop connection manager. Let us go further to see who is next.

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Dameware Mini Remote Control

Next up, in our count of Remote Desktop Connection Manager, is the software, going by the name Dameware mini remote control. Considering everything, it comprises of some fascinating features, in addition to the conventional ones:

  • A sound and dependable process of transferring files across systems.
  • It comes with the screen sharing feature so that you won’t need a standalone application for that very purpose.
  • Also, it allows interaction among all the parties involved.
  • Besides, it can permit locking up of the keyboard of the user on the other side of communication. Doing this prevents any unforeseen issues.
Dameware Mini Remote Control
Dameware Mini Remote Control

It is used by people working closely with the internal details of the computer. Also, it can be used for making a client understand something about his device, which he usually can’t. You will be able to accomplish that using the sharing screen trait, which acts as a cherry on the top of other high-end features. Getting on with our task of finding out about the Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager, we have reached the last one. And a mighty one at that.

Visit the official website here.


It’s a short form of Remote desktop Connection manager,  a tool that has been introduced by Mircosoft itself.

Visit the official website here.


Let’s see what it has got in store for us.

  • It saves you the trouble of typing the credentials each time you need to get into your account—also, no need to write them down or to try to remember all of them.
  • This particular Remote Desktop Connection Manager tool takes care of all of this. Is there more? There most certainly is.
  • It automatically forms groups of similar/dissimilar kinds of connections that aids ease of understanding.
  • Ease of use and has got a feature that permits a virtual machine connection.


It brings us to the end of our search of the best Remote Desktop Connection Manager, chooses whichever catches your fancy. If you want to take my advice, I’d tell you to use them first, see which one you can grasp faster and better. Then go from there. Consult this article, in case you’re still having second thoughts about any of these.

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