If you have ever faced any issues with your router’s connectivity, you will know how frustrating it is to have interruptions in your network service! Especially if your Netgear router is not working, you would first like to look for the troubleshooting options. 

You will often notice that you cannot connect to your Netgear router! If your Netgear router has stopped working, it is not that big of a deal! There is always a technical issue that hinders it from functioning that you might not be aware of. This article will guide you through the troubleshooting options.netgear router

You might have considered contacting a technician or calling your tech-savvy friend to end this nightmare! But that is not necessary. You can cure your router’s ailing all by yourself! This article explains the optimum troubleshooting solutions and all the FAQs you will need if your Netgear router is not working. See how to fix the Netgear orange light issue here.

Quick Fix to ‘Netgear Router Not Working Issue

Solving network issues has become a daunting modern-day task for most people. Although it does not require you to be a perfect technical genius, you might be desperate to solve it soon! Follow the tips and solutions mentioned below if your Netgear router is not connecting to the internet:

  1. Check Router connectivity: This is one of the most basic and effective solutions if your Netgear router is not working. Ensure all the wires connecting the modem and the router are in proper condition. That is, their sockets are correctly connected. connectivitySometimes it might so happen that the cables get partially torn off due to external activity. And in this case, the best option is to replace them with new ones as soon as possible!
  2. Reboot your Netgear Router: This fix is a contemporary remedy for most problems in every technical device! Anyways, switch off your router and then wait for half a minute. rebootThen replug the cables of your router and switch it back on. This might mend any issues when your Netgear router has not been working. 
  3. Go near the router: Try moving near the router if you have placed your router far away from the modem/ device. This is because any furniture or wall might act as an obstruction to the signals. You can buy an extender if your PC/ room is far from the Netgear router.
  4. Change your Router’s Antenna: It is common knowledge that every router needs antennae for normal functioning. router antennaIf the existing one is damaged, replace it with a new one from an online website. 
  5. Ensure fully upgraded firmware: It is best to keep your router’s version up-to-date. You can do that by downloading it from the official Netgear website. This will fix the issue of the Netgear router not working in some scenarios.
  6. Enter the default IP: Use or as the gateway IP for login if you cannot connect to your Netgear router.

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Still can’t connect to Netgear Router?

If you have tried out everything from the tips above and your Netgear router is still not working, then you can go through the following solutions:

  1. Look if the lights are blinking: This is an easy way to determine if the Netgear router is not working. You can diagnose the problem based on the lights flashing on the router. First, ensure that all the lights on the router are steady. If you see that the light for the power source is flashing, then plug in the cables appropriately.
  2. Reset your router: Resetting your router if the Netgear router has stopped working should be your last resort. Start by locating a tiny hole at the back of the router. Then look for a slender but sturdy tool like a toothpick. You must make sure that it is not very sharp.reset Then, jab this tool into the reset button and hold it for 30 seconds. On doing this, the router will automatically power off and switch back on. This means that you have successfully reset your router! This fix should solve the issue of your Netgear router not working.

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How do I reconfigure my Netgear router?

The best way to do this is by performing a Netgear router login. You can log in by entering your router's IP on your web browser. Or else you can reset the router. You can find the steps in the section above.

How do I know if my Netgear router is terrible?

There are many ways to determine if your router is damaged. If you face the following problems, you can tell your router is faulty: Frequent login problems. The router heats up a lot. The router is old. Defective LED lights. Slow connection time. Poor responsiveness on the router's end.

Why is my Netgear router not working correctly?

There might be a long list of reasons why your router is not working. But most of them can be diagnosed by yourself at home and fixed. You can read the tips and fixes given above to rid your router of connectivity issues.


Generally, many households and offices face problems related to their router connectivity daily. But they are usually pretty silly errors on the user’s or router’s end. All in all, the fixes for the issue of your Netgear router not working are pretty straightforward, and you can perform them yourselves. Check out how to fix Netgear’s red light issue here.

Diagnosing the problems is the only issue you will face while correcting your Netgear router’s issues. Once you know what keeps your router back from functioning smoothly, you can directly work on fixing it using all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. I hope this article has helped you today. Happy surfing!

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