Motorola modems are among the most preferred cable modems in the United States. The brand generally employs blue or green lights on its modems. However, all the Motorola modem lights have distinct meanings for different symbols. For example, a solid green or blue light on the online character is a cue that the modem is correctly connected to the internet. But, if the lights are blinking, it could mean a connectivity problem. So, what are the different lights present on a Motorola modem?

There are usually 6-8 indicator lights in the various models of the Motorola modem: Power, Downstream (Receiving), Upstream(Sending), Online, 2,4 GHz WLAN, 5 GHz WLAN, WPS, and USB. These lights convey different meanings depending on the states they are in.

This article is a complete guide if you want to learn more about the meaning of modem lights. If you face any issues with your modem, you can fix them quickly once you understand the various lights and their meanings.

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Motorola Modem Lights Symbols Explained

The different lights present on your Motorola modem and their significance is given below:

Power Light

The power light symbol is most common on all modems and means your Motorola modem links to a power source.

Ideally, it should be Solid Green in color.

What do the Different States of Power Light Mean?

Solid Green: When the power light is reliable green, the modem is turned on and linked to a power source.power light

Blinking Green: If the green light keeps flashing, the modem is not getting power. To fix this, ensure that the power cable correctly connects on both ends (the power portal and the modem) and that the power supply is steady. Either the power cable needs to be secured correctly, or there is some trouble with the power source.


Downstream Light

Among the Motorola router lights, the downstream light indicates that the modem is linked to a downstream channel.


Ideally, the downstream light should be solid Green or Blue.

What do the Different States of Downstream Light Mean?

Solid Green or Blue: The internet connection functions when your downstream light is solid green or blue. The green light displays that your modem is using a lone downstream channel. Blue light demonstrates that the modem uses related media (for high-speed links).downstream light

Blinking Green: If you find the Motorola modem down arrow flashing green, it indicates that it is setting up a lone downstream channel for speaking with the ISP.

Blinking blue: If the downstream light is blinking blue, it reveals that the modem is setting up a connection with bonded channels.

You will witness the Motorola modem lights blinking briefly when you start the connection. If the lamp fails to turn solid, the modem encounters trouble linking to the internet. It can happen due to any reason. There can be service disconnection, or your modem might be defective.

You can fix the issue by letting the modem rest and inspecting for defective cords and loose connections.

Upstream Light | Motorola Modem Light

The Upstream modem light displays that the modem connects to 1 Upstream or bonded channel.

Ideally, it should be Solid Green or Blue.


What Do the Different States of Upstream Light Mean?

Solid Green/Blue: A solid green or blue color on your upstream light indicates that the upstream channels and the wifi network are active. Like the downstream light, a blue or green suggests the internet connection in use and high-speed capacity.upstream light

Blinking Green: A blinking green light represents the continuing ranging process where the link is set up with the ISP.

Blinking blue: A blue light signifies that your modem forms channel bonding (high speed) for upstream transmission.

If the blinking light on your modem fails to turn solid immediately, it indicates an issue in linking to the internet. Scan for open connections or flawed cables and confirm the constant power supply. Check with your ISP for info on internet disruption and upkeep.

Online Light


It should ideally be solid green or blue.

What do the Different Conditions of Online Light Mean?

Solid Green/Blue: When the online light on your modem is constantly blue, it is a cue that the modem has a functioning internet connection working on DOCSIS 3.1 bonded channels. A solid green displays that the internet connection is functioning on DOCSIS 3.0.modem lights

Blinking Green/Blue: The online light blinks blue or green, accompanying the upstream/downstream lights when the modem switches on, or resets and the device begins the connection.

It could also indicate that a firmware update is in progress. If so, wait 15-20 minutes for the lights to stabilize without disrupting the process.

As the Upstream/Downstream lights turn solid, you will also witness the online light turning solid. The modem might face trouble linking to your network if that doesn’t happen.

To fix this issue, confirm that the cables and coaxial splitter are not defective.

Ensure the ventilation is proper, revise the firmware, and attempt to reset the modem manually. If everything fails, then approach a professional to fix it.

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2.4 GHz WLAN Light

This among the Motorola modem lights indicates an active connection with the 2.4GHz wifi band.


It should be a Solid Green color when the connection is set up successfully.

What do the Different Conditions of 2.4 GHz WLAN Light Signify?

Solid Green: When the 2.4GHz WLAN light is a solid green color, the network band is functional.2.4 ghz wlan light

Blinking green: When the band is in use, the lights are flashing, indicating the data relay process is in progress.

If the 2.4 GHz light is turned off, it generally implies that the wireless is not in use.

To fix this, go to your router’s admin panel and see if the band is enabled. You can turn on the bar by selecting the check box.

If it is still not active, you can try to update the firmware or manually reset the modem before initiating a replacement.

5 GHz WLAN Light | Motorola Modem Light

This Motorola modem light indicates an active connection with a 5 GHz wifi band.

Ideally, it should be a solid green color.

What is the Definition of the Different States of the 5 GHz Light?

Solid Green: A solid green color implies that a 5GHz wireless transmission is functional.5 ghz wlan light

Blinking green: If the 5GHz band is in use, you’ll mark the lights as flashing green.

If your modem has a 5GHz band connection and the light fails to turn on, you can move to the admin panel to check the default settings. Turn the wireless band on and restart the modem. If the light stays off, try to update to the latest firmware or manually reset the modem.

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WPS Light

This Motorola router light indicates that the WPS is enabled.

It should be Solid Green in color.


What do the Different Conditions of WPS Light Signify?

Blinking Green: You will usually find this Motorola modem light blinking green when attempting to link the device using the WPS.

Solid Green: Once the link establishes successfully, you will discover that the WPS light automatically converts to a solid green.

If you discover that the WPS light turns off, log in to the admin panel to confirm that the feature is enabled. Otherwise, you can switch the WPS off manually and switch it on only when you plan to use it for added security.

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USB Light

The USB Light is an indicator of the USB port being active.


It should ideally be solid green in color.

What do the Different States of the USB Light Indicate?

Solid Green: When the USB port is in use, the USB light present on your modem will be solid green.usb light

Blinking Green: If you find these Motorola surfboard lights flashing green, it indicates that the USB port is starting a device or a client device is operating on the USB device linked to it.

If the lights are off, the port is not in use. To fix this, you can move to the admin panel to check whether the device is enabled.


What is the ideal color for Motorola lights for the modem?

What is the meaning of the blue arrows on the Motorola modem?

Depending on your service, extra channels may connect. The Upstream and Downstream lights will flash blue when this process is underway. When the process is done, the lights will turn solid blue. This cycle will take place every time you turn on your modem.

How can I know if my Motorola modem is defective?

Indications that your modem is going faulty: Online indicator lights have turned off even when you can use the internet. Data transmissions are slower than usual. The linking speeds are slow. The modem is producing loud or abnormal noises frequently. The modem switches off automatically or stops working abruptly.

Is it right to always keep the modem on?

No, keeping the modem on all the time strains its internal parts. If you desire to improve the durability of your modem, keep it turned on only while using it. Switch it off if you are going to use the modem for a short time.


This article was valuable to you in understanding the meanings of the Motorola modem lights. With the help of this article, you will also be able to fix it if your Motorola modem exhibits blinking lights or no lights at all. If the quick fix tips discussed above do not work, you can always call an expert technician to resolve the issues.

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