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Questions on Mi Router Login have been rising, so we clear all your doubts here in this article. But before that, let us know how all this started. Xiaomi is an emerging brand that has already made its way into the top gadget manufacturing companies. It all begins with a small initiative to manufacture android mobile devices, and the first model was launched in 2011. Since then, the brand came up with a lot of ideas to promote technological advancements. They have successfully launched several products like laptops, mobile phones, TVs, and other smart devices. However, all of the things have something in common that they support internet connection.

So why would Xiaomi not put their hands in this sector of the community?

Recently, they decided to propose the idea of Mi Router in 2019, which is only available on their official website. It proved to be a game-changer in the first week of its release and stood by the customers’ expectations. Also, as it was a new addition in the market, users were looking for some basic information related to it. Therefore, we tried to cover all the things in this Mi Router login guide. It will help you to understand the concepts and working of the router device. 

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Features of Mi Router

There is no doubt that Mi Router is gaining a lot of attention in the community. The Xiaomi enthusiasts are satisfied by the features packed in a small device for internet connection. The company has manufactured several router models, but we will focus on Mi Router 4c.

mi router 4c
Mi Router 4c

It is the most advanced model launched by Xiaomi in recent years. This Mi router login guide will give you insights into some features such as,

High Performance

The router will enhance the overall user experiencing while connected to the internet. It supports internet speed up to 300 Mbps while video streaming and browsing.

More Coverage

It has a total of 4 antennas that will boost the WiFi signal range even at large distances. The manufacturer claims that the device will provide connectivity up to 400 sqft. This feature will be beneficial in large buildings and offices.

Parental Control

The user can control various aspects of the router through Mi WiFi Login App. You can also control the data limit for young children and block adult content. This will improve the connection optimization in the long run.

Default IP Address For Mi Router

The default IP address is mentioned on the user manual of every device. It is a special identity given to each user to access the internet connection. The ISP can track the true location and details about the person establishing a connection with the router.

For your convenience, the most common IP address for Mi router login is This value is also known as the default gateway for the router. It is a known fact that the user can change the settings at the administrator level through this address.

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How To Do Mi Router Login?

The users’ next concern is to gain access to their Mi routers using the username and password. We will tell you are the steps to perform the Mi router login in this guide.

mi router login
Mi Router Login

Foremost, you need to be at the location where the router is present. Connect a desktop or PC with the router using the WiFi option. The further steps are mentioned below,

Step 1

Open any default browser installed on your PC. It can be any application from Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the browser.

Step 2

Secondly, type the IP address similar to in the search bar. In case an error appears, it means your IP address is not correct. Refer to the user manual for the same default gateway.

Step 3

The Mi router login page will pop up on the browser screen. For the next step, you need to fill in the correct username and password.

Step 4

Finally, tap hit Enter, and you will log in to the settings panel of the router. Do the necessary changes that will enhance the connection speed.

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Reset Procedure for Mi Router?

Since many users out there always find it difficult to remember the exact credentials for their MI routers. If you forget the correct password by any means, the router will log out of the settings. However, you can handle this situation by resetting the router and its information. To gain access, users can perform Xiaomi router login using the default credentials. A small button is provided at the back panel of the device for hard resetting the router. Keep holding the button inside the hole using a small pin for around 20-25 seconds. The router will produce a beeping sound, and it will get reset.

reset procedure
Reset Mi Router

It can now be accessed by using the unique username and password details. Furthermore, here are some of the default credentials for a successful Miwifi login.

Username- admin Password- admin

Username- (blank) Password- admin

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If you want to buy the router, you can place the order from the Xiaomi website. The cost for the same is Rs.1199 for Indian customers. The Mi router is undoubtedly the best in this price range. Moreover, it has all the features that an ideal router should possess. We hope that this Mi WiFi router login guide has resolved all your questions about the same. In case you have some technical issue with the device, the customer executives are always available at your service.

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