Everyone has got a network router and modem in their homes, workplaces, etc. Are you in search of the best wireless routers for the best performance? You are in the right place. Here, we provide you enough information about the most sophisticated and the best Virgin Media Hub routers from Virgin. We present you the features, guide to login to virgin router, and solutions to troubleshooting issues.

This article will surely solve all your doubts about the Virgin Media routers and their work performance.

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About Virgin Router:

All of you have heard about fast wireless routers; let us introduce you to the super-fast, most advanced Virgin Routers. Virgin Router is a modem cum router, a single box for your multiple works going online.

Virgin Routers are built to have the capacity of connecting to more than 100Mbps, which is usually seven times the average of some popular countries. Moreover, it is built with the most sophisticated technology to support ultra-fast data exchange and transfers, full HD video watching, optimized ultra-fast downloading.

Also, you can easily connect your systems with an Ethernet cable as the router is built with four ports for Ethernet connection. It is a plug and plays way.

ethernet cable port
Ethernet cable port

The super-fast Virgin Routers have the most sophisticated security technology, which protects you from any other faulty intruders.

All you need to be safe is just set a password, and everything is secured. The Virgin Router is capable of connecting to many devices at a time to perform multi-tasking.

It also supports up to 5Ghz, which helps you to perform faster on your devices without any delay. Simply it is the most advanced wireless router for best performance.

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Login Guide To Virgin Router

Lets start with the first step:

Launch Virgin 3.0 IP Address

Open a browser and enter Virgin IP address, and this will take you to the home portal.


Login To Router (via Internet Protocol address) 

On the login page, you will find a dialog box with username and password space in it. Factory default Virgin hub 3.0 username and virgin hub 3.0 password are always blank.

Enter the default login credentials in the dialog box and log in, as this will take you to the router home screen. This is how you login to Virgin router Hub 3.0.

virgin router
Virgin Router

Now change Virgin hub 3.0 default username, and password as security is the priority. Changing the username and password should be the first step by changing the default login credentials Virgin Router.

After signing in with the default credentials, go-to the hub 3.0 settings password, then the admin page, and change the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 password (be sure to put complex words as passwords).

If one forgets their Hub 3.0 password, they can reset by pressing and holding the reset button for few seconds as this will reset all the changes made previously, and now you can change the Virgin Media hub 3.0 password.

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Troubleshooting Guide For Virgin Hub Router 

Every router gives you some trouble, so that you might expect it with the super-fast virgin hub router too. So here are some easy and quickest tricks and tips for troubleshooting fixes for your Virgin Media Hub 3.0 router login to virgin router safely.

Status of the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 router

Firstly, one should check the status of their broadband if it is activated or else activate it to get uninterrupted connectivity.

Also, one can activate it by visiting the official Virgin Media 3.0 website.

Restarting Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Router and PC

The first step everyone does after finding trouble with routers is just restarting the setup, as this might help you in fixing issues.

Switch off the setup, i.e., Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Router and PC, for a minute. After one minute, switch it on again and try connecting to the router and see the connectivity status.

Position of the Virgin router and PC

If you wish to connect wirelessly, position the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 router and your PC in a perfect place to get maximum strength signals as the distance between the computer and the Virgin Media Hub router might create some connectivity issues.

Resetting the router to default factory settings

Some of them might still face the problem, so we suggest you try resetting the Virgin Media hub 3.0 setup as this could help in restoring the default factory settings.

After this, quickly connect your PC and other devices to the Virgin Media Hub router as this might solve the issue and connect you online.

Channeling the wireless Virgin Media Hub 3.0 router 

Wireless networks are created to work on different frequencies or also called channels.

There could be the saturation of waves, which affects your network performance due to several connections running on the same frequencies or channels.

So, change the channels or frequencies of the wireless network could help in improvising the network performance and solves connectivity problems.

Operating through wired connectivity

If the above trick doesn’t work for the wireless network, establish a connection between Ethernet cable and PC. Once you connect the Ethernet to the PC, your system screen shows the connection’s pop up. This will take you online.

Customer support/Hardware issues

If every trick fails and you continue to encounter the same issue with login to virgin router, there might be a chance of some hardware issue or some other issue that needs some technical assistance. You can resolve these by contacting customer support either through contact number or visit the official website of Virgin Media Hub.


What is the default login username and password for the Virgin router?

The default login for the Virgin router would be username as 'admin', and the password as 'change.'

What is the default IP address of the virgin router?

All the routers have a default address; in the case of the Virgin router, it is

What should I do when I can't access my Virgin router?

You may try rebooting the WiFi hub if you cannot access the Virgin router. You will also have to ensure that all the connections are correct.

What is the IP address of the Virgin router in modem mode?

The Virgin router has a different IP address when you use it in modem mode; the IP address would be


This article full fills the necessary questions and doubts about the Virgin Media router and its performance. Consequently, We focused on the flexible and most desired features by the users from the routers.

Besides, Virgin Media Router is highly recommended everywhere to use for its compatibility feature. However, if you are yet to make a purchase check all router types to take a decision based on your needs. Some popular routers are ASUS Router, Xfinity Router and Arris Router.

In case you have any doubts or queries regarding the Virgin Media Hub router, ask us in the comments section as we are always here at your service.

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