Linksys is an American manufacturer of data networking hardware primarily supplied to home users and business companies all over the globe. Victor and Janie Tsao, originally Taiwanese immigrants to the United States, launched the company in 1988. Find out the solution to the Linksys router login not working problem.

How to fix Linksys Router when Linksys Router Login Not Working

Read below to know more about what to do if the Linksys router login is not working.

  1. For thirty seconds, press and hold the restart button on the router. While resetting the router, ensure the Power LED is illuminated and blinking.
  2.  While pressing the button, watch the router’s power LED. It should blink/flash as a sign that the router is properly resetting.
    NOTE: Depending on the type of router you have, the LED behavior may differ.
  3.  Withdraw the router’s power cord for thirty seconds before plugging it into the power socket again.

However, once you finish setting up your Linksys router, the admin password should reset. This step is critical to fixing your Linksys router login is not working.

reset button
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Steps to Setup Linksys re6300

With its browser-based setup feature, the Linksys RE6300 AC750 BOOST WiFi Extension is simple. Installation software or a setup CD are not required.

Things to keep in mind before setting up your Linksys router to solve the Linksys router login not working problem:

  1. Ensure the Linksys router re6300 is plugged into a power cord or outlet. Keep the router plugged into the power outlet until you do not see the orange light blinking, Before setting up the range extender, double-check that the orange light is blinking or illuminated.
  2. Ensure that your WiFi connection is operational.
  3. Ascertain that the range extender is now inside the router’s range. You already have your existing WiFi name, password, or security key. It’s important to note that some options are case-sensitive.
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To Setup Linksys Extender Setup, Follow the Steps Below

  1.  Link a laptop or a smartphone to the Linksys Extender Setup – xxx, the range extender’s default WiFi name. The xxx stands for the last three main characters of the MAC address of the Linksys RE6300, which can be found on the device’s back label to solve the Linksys router not working issue.
  2.  Open the web browser and type “” or “” into the Web address bar.extender linksys
  3. Select the option to set up the startup.
  4.  During setup, a WiFi range extender choice will be enabled by default. You should select Next.
  5. Pick a WiFi network. You should have seen 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies if you have a dual-band WiFi router. Then, restart the range extender and return to Step 1 if your WiFi name does not appear on the list.
    NOTE: To enter your WiFi settings if you have a concealed WiFi, scroll down on the list and select Manually Enter Network Name and Password.
  6.  Click Next after entering your WiFi password in the window.
  7. After connecting, you’ll be prompted to configure the expanded WiFi the range extender will transmit to neighboring customers. You can then adjust the settings to your liking or stick with the defaults. Next should be finder
  8. If the Spot Finder says the Linksys RE6300 is at the perfect place, click Next. Then, find an appropriate position (recommended) if your rangefinder is too distant or too close, then proceed back to Step 1. Moreover, this functionality calculates your WiFi’s best extension and speed.
  9. To safeguard your Linksys RE6300, establish an admin password.
    You can also include a suggestion for the password. When you have finished, click Save.
  10. The rangefinder will be available for registration. Choose the Next option.

Finishing all the above steps will end Linksys re6300 setup and bring you closer to solving the Linksys router login not working problem.

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Using  Linksys Smart WiFi Router for Setup

IMPORTANT: Ensure the router’s firmware is up to date to avoid any issues using your Linksys cloud application to access the router.

To learn more about checking your router’s firmware version, click here.

  1. Open Google Web Browser.browser
  2. Type “” or “my router. local” into the address bar and hit enter.
    Quick tips: Inspect your Linksys router’s IP address if the IP address doesn’t work or has been changed.
  3.  Click Login after entering your Ethernet Password. Admin is the default password. If you’ve changed your password, use that instead. However, you can use your Linksys cloud account to log in. Insert your Email Address and Password on the Linksys Smart WiFi Sign-In page, and click Login.ethernet
    NOTE:- The home page for Linksys Smart WiFi will now appear. Everything is now transparent and adjustable through the Smart WiFi Tools, including Router Settings.
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Steps to access from remote Linksys smart WiFi

Remotely managing your Linksys Smart WiFi allows you to specify or adjust your router settings safely from anywhere at any time to solve the Linksys router login not working problem.

To understand how to follow the steps given below:-

  1.  Open a web browser and type “” into the address box before pressing enter option. 2. Type your email address and password in the fields, then click Login.linksys
    NOTE: If you’ve not already registered, authenticated, or linked a profile to your router, you should do so now.

How to Login to Your Linksys Router Using the IP Address and Default Password Provided by Linksys

  1.  Connect to your Linksys network with any device you want.
  2.  Go to the router’s IP address.
  3. Enter the Linksys default IP address into your browser’s address bar–Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. and since these are the most frequent Linksys Router IP addresses. You can also save time by clicking on the provided links, which will take you directly to the Routers IP address.
  4.  Input the Linksys Router Password.
  5. The “Router Password” is the only field that may be entered in the Linksys Router Web Interface to solve the Linksys router login not working problem.

IP address

You can follow these steps to ensure you have done a Linksys router login.


What is the best way to troubleshoot a Linksys router?

Firstly, double-check that the WAN cable is attached to the router's correct 'WAN' port. Then check to see if you're linked to the WiFi router or even a LAN cable attached to a LAN-labeled port.

How to change the Linksys router password?

You can reset most Linksys routers' admin passwords simply by pressing the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds on the router itself.


Linksys, as a prominent manufacturer, ensures a high-quality router. It would be best if you used the standard protocol to create a strong connection with Linksys. Then, to log in to the administrator control panel, you’ll need to know your model’s Linksys passcode and Source IP. This article has information about Linksys router login not working and its solution.

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