Linksys is one of the most popular manufacturing companies that deal in data networking hardware products. Today, we will discuss some important details about their finest product, Linksys E1200 router. There is no doubt that many readers wanted to know the steps to log into their WiFi router. Well, you don’t have to worry as we are here with the complete Linksys E1200 login guide. Our team has compiled the most optimal method for logging into the device. We also have additional details that will help you to avoid potential errors during the process.

Notable Features

Before starting our Linksys E1200 login guide, you should know about the eye-catching features of the wireless router. It can generate up to 300Mbps network speed from your WiFi with stable connectivity. Moreover, you can connect your devices with an ethernet cable through any of the four fast ports in the router. linksys e1200Users can create guest access for temporary access along with respective credentials. The overall security is relatively high as you get WPA/WPA2 encryption protocols surrounded by an SPI Firewall. The router is compatible with multiple devices and can support different systems like Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, etc.

What is the default IP Address of Linksys E1200?

An IP address is the first thing you need to have a seamless Linksys E1200 login on your system. It is used to open the login page that will provide you admin access through valid credentials. We recommend you have prior knowledge of the IP address for your Linksys E1200 router. In most cases, is the default IP address for these models in the Linksys series.

However, the most recent configurations could be extracted from the user manual itself. You can also visit the official web page of Linksys and search for the model and designated IP address. Also, you should know the admin access username and password of the device. We will require these details in the upcoming steps of the login procedure.

How Do I Login to My Linksys Router?

We assume you have collected information like the IP address, username, and password of your Linksys E1200 router. Make sure to repeat the following steps on your computer to log into the device,

Step 1

First, you have to establish a secure connection between your computer and the router.

Step 2

Go to your PC and open a regular internet browser. We will consider Google Chrome as an example.

Step 3

Select the search bar and type in (or the correct IP address of the router)

Step 4

Hit the Enter button, and a new login page will appear on the screen. It will ask for the username and password.

linksys router login
Linksys Router Login

Step 5

Next, throw in the credentials that you collected earlier. If everything goes well, the settings panel will open. Thus, you can now configure the router according to your needs. Don’t forget to save and log out once the tasks are complete.

How Do I Change Password on my Linksys E1200 Router?

As mentioned in the previous section, users need specific admin credentials like the username and password to log in. However, some users tend to forget the password as they change it regularly. This situation is quite common and has a simple and effective solution. We will conduct a complete factory reset of your router and restore the default configurations. It is important to note that factory reset will also erase additional data stored on your router. Hence, it should be your last step in gaining access to the device. The steps to factory reset your Linksys E1200 router are,

Step 1

Turn on the device and keep it in a position where you can reach its backside.

Step 2

Find the reset button, which looks similar to a black dot on the router itself. Usually, it is on the bottom of the back panel.

Step 3

We prefer you to use a small pin or toothpick to reach the button. Poke the pin and keep pressing the reset button for at least 3 seconds.

Step 4

The device will give a beeping sound that indicates the factory reset steps are complete.

After you complete the procedure, restart your router and open the login page on a connected PC. The steps are the same as you did in the earlier section. This time, you have to use the default username and password in the space provided. These details are generally provided in the user manual that you get with the device. Further, you can check out the official website for the latest set of credentials.

Default Credentials

As the heading states, we have some commonly used credentials during the Linksys E1200 login. You can also find them on the user guide or other online sources. It is better to change the credentials later on to avoid potential threats.

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- root

Password- (blank)

  • Username- admin

Password- system

Final Thoughts

We hope that this Linksys E1200 login guide will help you overcome any difficulty you might face while logging. Also, it has some basic troubleshooters that you can perform accordingly. In case you still have any queries, consult the customer support service at Linksys. They will provide you with the best solution to any router-related problem. Depending on the warranty guidelines, you might need to replace your device if the problem is unsolvable. Overall, Linksys E1200 router will serve your daily usage limits without compromising internet speed.

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