iBall is a famous wireless router company, and many of us probably have their router installed in our homes. The installation and configuring process can be a bit daunting for people who have no experience on how to go about it; however, it is quite simple and can be quickly done by anyone at home without any external help. We will discuss the iBall Baton Wireless routers and how to perform iBall Router Login.

iBall baton router

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  1. On opening the box of any iBall Baton Wireless router model, one will find the router, a quick installation guide, a power adapter, and an RJ45 power cord.
  2. On the backside of the router, there are four ports. Three of these ports are 10/100 MM LAN ports, and on the extreme left, we have a 10/100 MM WAN port along with the power socket. There is also a WPS/reset button on the lower right side.connecting LAN cables
  3. Start by connecting the DSL/Cable Modem or Ethernet to the WAN port and the power adapter to the power socket, attaching the other end to an outlet. Now connect the ethernet cable to a LAN port on one end, connecting the other end to the LAN port on your laptop or PC.
  4. After connecting the router’s LAN port to your computer’s LAN port, some of the LED systems on the front side of the router will light up. These systems will be the SYS LED, which will flash, the LAN, WAN, and WLAN LEDs will either flash or most likely light up.power on
  5. This is an indication that all the systems have been set up properly. If any of these LEDs are not flashing up, check if all the steps mentioned earlier have been followed and all the connections are set up correctly.

Note: Position the router at a higher location for its permanent working position to get the best wireless signal range.
Once the router is set up, one can go ahead with the configuration and iBall Router Login.


  1. Open any browser such as Google, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and type precisely in this format, leaving no spaces. This number is one of the most popular IPs for the iball baton router login and opens its GUI configuration. Set this number correctly as for iball baton login. login admin and password
  2. The page will redirect itself and ask for a login password. In the box where you are to enter the password, enter ‘admin,’ all in lowercase letters without any spaces or quotation marks, and click on the login tab below. This is the most common login password for iBall router, for iball baton router login.router login address
  3. We now enter the quick setup page. On the top of the page, we see a WAN Type option with options. Select your WAN type from the given options. If you’re not sure, you can find the WAN type in most PCs by going into the PC’s Network settings in the IP properties section.username and passwords
  4. After selecting the WAN type, according to your kind, do the on of the following actions:


PPPoE connection type: Enter the username and password given by your Intenet Service Provider.

– Dynamic IP connection type: Router will automatically detect the IP address

– Static Ip connection type: Enter IP address according to instructions by your Internet Service Provider.

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Now you can go to the wireless settings and change your SSID if required. SSID is the name by which your wifi network will be visible on your devices. Enter a strong password with at least eight letters and a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols for maximum security. Your wireless connection is now secured. Click on the Save tab to save your settings.

After establishing a secure network connection with the router, we now have access to the Internet.

Still facing issues?

Not being able to enter the Login Page for iBall Router Login?
If you cannot enter the login page, start by rechecking the IP address, username and password. If all of these are correct, it might be a bad Ethernet cable or a router problem. There might also be an issue with the IP address on the computer itself.

· Checking the Ethernet connection

Check the Ethernet or network cable is properly connected to the computer and into the WAN port on the back of the router. Try turning off the router, waiting for a few minutes, and turning it on again.


· Router Problems

Check the respective LED lights are on the router. It may be a faulty router if they are not flashing or lighting up even after correct installation.

check led lights

· Entering Incorrect IP Address

The most common IP address is, even for iball baton ip. To prevent complications, enter this address directly on your address bar without using any hyperlinks, as it is not necessary. Ensure that you enter the address on your browser’s address bar, not the search toolbar. This IP address may sometimes not work even after entering all the details correctly due to other issues. is another IP address that works just as well.


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Even after trying all these methods, one must seek professional help if nothing works out.
This guide works for all iBall Baton Wireless Routers models and is successful in iBall Router Login.

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How do I log into my iBall router?

Go to the Official website of iBall router and enter the default username and password; tap login.

What is the IP address of the iBall router?

The official website and IP address of the iBall router is

What will I do if I forget my iBall router password?

If you forget your iBall router password, things can be a bit hard; you will have to reset your device.

What is the 192.168 1.1 username and password change?

The default password is 'admin,' and the password will be '1234'.

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