home automation ideas

3 of the Best Home Automation Ideas | Comfort at Home

We, humans, often find themselves in comfortable places. As we have become more equipped with technology, making homes comfortable becomes our priority. After all, homes are where most of us…

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Unifi Guest Network

How to Setup Unifi Guest Network | A Complete Guide

How often do you wish to access free wifi when visiting a restaurant or cafe? I’m pretty sure we all have been guilty of that. But have you ever thought…

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DLink Router Setup

How to Perform DLink Router Setup [Complete Guide]

Handling and trying to work with new devices can be intimidating. So, it is always a blessing in disguise when you are aware of how things work with the said…

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How To Find Network Security Key

How To Find Network Security Key On Windows, Mac And Android

Among the numerous applications and gadgets that we so fondly use these days, WIFI is undoubtedly a favorite for a lot of people, and rightly so. It allows us to…

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netgear router firmware update

Update Netgear Router’s Firmware | Netgear Router Firmware Update

The world seems to have become quite advanced when it comes to technology. Technology seems to have reached great heights. One area that has seen an incredible rise is the…

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time warner router login

How to Perform Time Warner Router Login [Complete Guide]

Time Warner was initially formed in 1990 from the merger of Time Inc. and Warner Communications. It has now changed its name to Warner Media, LLC. The company has cable…

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xfinity router login

How To Perform Xfinity Router Login [Complete Guide]

Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, is given the trade name of Xfinity, a Comcast Corporation subsidiary. The company provides consumers cable connections, cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. This brand…

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arris router login

How to Perform Arris Router Login [Complete Guide]

Arris Routers is a combination of both modem and router. Arris International Limited, a US-based telecom company, produces them. They have been in business since 1995. Arris Routers give super…

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asus router login

ASUS Router Login [How to Perform ASUS Login and Troubleshoot]

So, you are tired of your rusty old router which makes your life like hell and then you finally decide to throw this piece of junk and buy a new…

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