Netgear is a famous international brand that is based in the United States of America. It is a hardware networking company that is very famous for its routers. This article will be specifically looking at Netgear WAN Port issues and what different problems might arise due to this. Also, we will discuss what you can do in order to fix this. In addition, it will also look at LAN port issues, router ethernet issues as well and will try to fix these issues. Read below to know more.

A WAN might lose connection since:

  • The port of your router is not functioning properly
  • There is damage occurring in your router’s cables.
  • In case your Internet Service Provider is having maintenance then the connection might go down
  • The outlet of your router is broken.

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Netgear WAN Port – Issues and Fixes

In order to fix Netgear WAN Port you can try the following steps given below:-

Restart the Netgear Router

 A red LED light indicates that something is awry. You can try power-cycling the network components too. Shut off all connected devices, from your MacBooks to personal computers to laptops.  After that, you probably have to wait a moment before switching on all of your electronics. Turn your electronic devices in the following order: modem, router, your computer.

restart router

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Strengthen Safety

If you find that something in your system isn’t working properly, it’s always a good idea to add an extra layer of security. As a result, we should run an anti-virus program on our system to make sure it is not corrupted.


Consider Upgrading Your Modem

The Netgear WAN Port issue could be with your modem, which you can rule out by calling your Internet Service Provider and asking whether it is a better piece of hardware for your connections. Changing the cable connection, according to many users, resolves the problem.

router cable connection

Ethernet Network Troubleshooting

It’s advisable to make use of the automatic troubleshooter. To do so:

  1. Open the Start menu, select Settings, and then Network & Internet.settings network and internet
  2. Change the adapter options by clicking them. A window displaying network adapters will emerge.


3. Right-click on the network you’re connected to.



4. When you choose Diagnose, the troubleshooter will begin looking for problems. Follow the directions to resolve the problem.


Technician Assistance

In case your problem of Netgear wan port not working still exists and the above methods fail to work, consider contacting the Netgear helpline or the dealer from whom you have purchased the router.

netgear helpline

These methods will ensure the Netgear WAN Port is fixed.

Netgear LAN Port Issues and Fixes

If the LAN port on your modem is not functioning, you can do a loopback test and verify the port with an Ethernet connection.

netgear lan ports netgear wan ports

If you’ve been experiencing any of the following problems, you probably decide to check a loopback test:

  • You’re having trouble connecting to a specific port on your Netgear router.
  • When an Ethernet connection is established, your Internet (Internet) or LAN LEDs are not lit.
  • If connected to a LAN connection, your devices are unable to obtain an IP address.
  • When connected to a modem, your router is unable to obtain an Internet IP address.

Loopback Test

Steps to perform loopback test:

  1. Attach the power adapters to your modem, then attach it into a socket.
  2. Wait for the Power LED to turn solid green or white after turning on the router.
  3. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the LAN port you want to test and the other end to the Internet port. Instead of the Internet, certain routers may use a WAN port label.
  4. Examine the LEDs. The ports should work properly if the LAN LED for the connected port and the Internet LED both light up. Some routers may reboot a few seconds after the LEDs are lit, and some routers may light amber instead of green or white.
  5. Repeat the above two steps for each LAN port you want to test. If a port’s LAN or Internet LED does not illuminate it is because the port may be defective.led on router

Netgear Ethernet Ports Not Working – Issues and Fixes

In case along with Netgear WAN Port, the ethernet ports also are not working on router it could be due to a hardware problem. When your internet signal reaches the modem or router, it must travel through the ethernet connection to reach your computer. As a result, there are three major components in this chain, and any one of them failing can cause the notice “Netgear router not detecting ethernet cable” to appear. This commonly occurs since the cable’s connectors aren’t fully installed or when the cable breaks. It can, however, happen either by ports on both sides, as well as when either the ethernet adapter or the router malfunctions.

To fix the router ethernet port not working try the three methods given below:

Try Resetting Your Modem

Usually, hardware causes such problems, as we explained earlier. However, a flaw in the router could also cause this. We can eliminate this by rebooting all of the devices in the chain. Begin by disabling and enabling the modem, then the router, and finally the network adapter. It’s simple to reboot gadgets. Simply turn them off for at least fifteen seconds by pushing the button or unplugging the power cord, then turn them again on in the same sequence.

  1. If you are using a Windows device, you have to go to the device manager options by searching it up on the search bar on the desktop. To enable it or disable it you will have to right-click the mouse on the option of the network adapter and choose to enable or disable the device.


2. If you are using an Apple device, you can click on the apple logo on the top left corner of the desktop and go to system preferences. Then navigate to make service inactive or active by clicking on networks, then connections and then click on the gear icon.

reset button router

This method can eradicate your Netgear WAN Port as well as Ethernet issues.

Visually Inspect the Ethernet Cable

Check the ethernet wire in the full length between both the PC and the router if it is exposed or at least visible for visual inspection. Moreover, on both ends, pay great attention to the jacket and connectors.

router cable connection

If the cable has been bent because of damage that occurred at any point, or if one of the plugs does not appear to be entire or complete, you may have discovered the root of your problem. 

Consider Changing the Router

Either consider changing the router if it has been very long and the issue is still very unclear or else try using various ethernet connections on both sides of the cable the ethernet has. You could also consider changing the computer to see if the problem with your Netgear WAN port persists on your computer or else the ethernet cable.

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What is WAN?

Wide Area Network is a worldwide array of data that is not really bound to a specific location. Moreover, through a WAN operator, WANs can facilitate interaction, information exchange, and much more between gadgets all over the earth.

What is LAN?

A Local Area Network is a collection of linked devices in a limited area that share common unified Connection to the internet.


This article discusses the Netgear WAN port and provides a solution to router LAN ports not working. It additionally gives an array of methods that are possible to work out to find the exact problem with the router and solutions that you could use. If the above methods fail to work, you can contact the dealer from whom you purchased your Netgear router if it is relatively new or pool in money to buy a new router.

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