Hey everyone, have you ever wondered how to connect all your smart home devices to WiFi? Many of us face a common question when setting up our smart lights, security cameras, and other Internet of Things gear for the first time. Upgrading to a new router or just wanting a stronger signal in more rooms? No problem – let me tell you how easy it is to follow the steps on how to change WiFi on Smart Life.                       

Changing the WiFi on Smart Life devices is simple. Just reset the device, open the Smart Life app, add the device, and enter the new network details. This connects all your smart home gear, like plugs and lights, to the new WiFi in a few quick steps. To know more about Smart Life changes WiFi, keep on reading!

Sometimes life happens, and you’ve got a swap of internet providers – meaning a new router and WiFi name. Upgrading your service is always a good idea, too. And if you moved homes, the old network won’t work! It’s also not uncommon for routers to start acting up over time, and sometimes, they must be working slowly, which is why you want ways to boost the WiFi signal without access to the router. Reconnecting everything to a fresh WiFi setup often does the trick to solve your issue. Changing the network is pretty straightforward, thanks to the Smart Life app. In this article, let us learn how to change Smart Life WiFi. 

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How To Change WiFi On Smart Life

Smart Life devices are those you can operate from a distance with the help of your smartphone’s Smart Life app. They make it simple and portable to keep an eye on your house. Then you must be looking on what are the steps on how to change WiFi on Smart Life:

  1. Give your Smart Life device a reset. Holding the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds will cause the light to flash quickly. That turns off the WiFi for now.smart life smart light switch
  2. On your phone, launch the Smart Life app and sign in.install smart life app
  3. To add a new device, use the corner’s + button.add device on smart life app
  4. Select “Socket (WiFi)” to pair your device and follow the instructions. Await the appearance of your gadget, then choose it from the list.select socket from the options
  5. Enter your new WiFi network name (SSID) and password to go further with the Smart Life app changes the WiFi.connect to wifi
  6. Wait for your device to connect. This may take a few minutes. Once connected, you can rename your device and change other settings.wait for device to get connected
  7. Repeat steps 1-8 for any other Smart Life devices you need to switch to the new WiFi.other gadgets on smart life app

Additionally, you should now be able to control all your devices through the Smart Life app using the new WiFi network! Resetting the device to remove the old WiFi setting is important to connect to a new network successfully.

Moreover, this is similar to power cycling your Xfinity router, one of the troubleshooting methods discussed in our guide to fixing Xfinity WiFi not working issues.

A router or device reset clears out any previous network connection details, allowing you to set up the new WiFi configuration freshly. So that is how smart life change WiFi network.

How Do I Reconnect My Smart Devices After Changing WiFi?

Here are the steps to reconnect your smart devices after changing your WiFi:

  1. Reset the device. To connect to a new WiFi, reset your device to its factory/default settings. Press and hold the reset button as instructed in the manual.reset device on smart life app
  2. Now, connect to the new WiFi network. Open your Smart Life app and tap the + icon to add a new device. Select your device type and follow the instructions.
  3. Next, choose your new 2.4GHz WiFi network and enter the password. Tap “Next“.select and enter password
  4. Connect your phone to the device’s network. Go to your phone’s WiFi settings and connect to the network like “SmartLife-XXXX”.
  5. Go back to the Smart Life app. It will find and register your device. Name your device, then tap “Done”.

Reconfigure your device settings. Set up schedules and scenes and link them to other devices like before. Follow the app’s steps. That’s it!

Additionally, resetting your Smart Life devices is similar to performing a factory reset on your AT&T router if you face issues with AT&T WiFi Not Working.

Going through the reset process removes any previous network settings. It allows you to easily set up the connection from scratch following the steps outlined in our guide on solving AT&T WiFi issues that need to be fixed.

In summary, resetting clears out old WiFi details, while the guide provides solutions for connectivity problems that some AT&T customers face. So that is all in how to change WiFi on Smart Life.


What are the maximum characters for the WiFi password?

Most routers allow lengthy passwords of up to 63 characters or more. As long as it's not ridiculously long, you should be fine.

Can I change the WiFi password on my router later?

Yes, no problem! Your Smart Life devices will automatically update to the new password the next time they connect. Just update your phone/tablet password to control things remotely.

Will changing my WiFi network name affect my devices?

No, it shouldn't cause any issues as long as the password stays the same. Your Smart Life products will reconnect to the network under the new name with no problem.

What do I do if I forget my WiFi password?

No big deal, check your router settings or call your internet provider - they can give you the password or reset it. Then, update all your devices and gadgets with the new info.


These steps on connecting your Smart Life devices to WiFi were helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions. Optimizing your network ensures all your smart home gear runs smoothly.

Moreover, with a little trial and error, you’ll be all set with your Smart Life device and for more information on optimizing your network, you can check our Smart RG Router Login guide.

We hope this article on how to change WiFi on Smart Life has helped you know everything about it. Happy connecting!

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