Wondering how to access your Alexa when you’re away from your home WiFi? Connecting to Alexa on the go is possible using just your smartphone’s Bluetooth. This step-by-step guide will show you how to Bluetooth Alexa without WiFi.

The Alexa app makes it easy to take your Echo device on the go via Bluetooth, allowing you to access Alexa from your phone by opening the app, tapping the Bluetooth icon, selecting your Echo, and instantly pairing the two for wireless access anywhere. To learn about other methods, keep on reading. 

Alexa can go with you using Bluetooth! No WiFi is needed. You can connect Alexa to your phone without WiFi. Then you can ask Alexa things when you’re not at home. Alexa will still play music and answer questions on your phone when you’re outside without WiFi. It’s helpful if there is no WiFi where you are, like in a big park or when traveling somewhere new. This article lets us know how to Bluetooth Alexa without WiFi. Also, check out  this article on blocking someone using your wifi without permission.

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Methods On How to Bluetooth Alexa Without WiFi

Let us look at different methods on how to Bluetooth Alexa without WiFi. Alsoif you want to learn how to connect ethernet without much hassle, check out this article.

Using the Alexa App 

Using the Alexa app is the easiest way to take Alexa with you outside via Bluetooth on your phone. Let us see how:  

All you need is the Alexa app to ensure Bluetooth is turned on for your phone. 

1. Open the Alexa app and go to Settings. Then select “Alexa Devices” and pick your Alexa from the list. 

alexa app

2. Next, tap the Bluetooth icon – it resembles overlapping circles. Your phone will then search for available Bluetooth devices. 


3. Select your Alexa from the list to start pairing. Within moments, Alexa and your phone will be connected using Bluetooth!

alexa app settings

Now Alexa is a tap away no matter where you go sans WiFi. Need directions while driving? Just ask. Want tunes for your workout? Alexa’s got you. Thanks to the Alexa app, it’s very convenient to access Alexa’s skills without being near the Echo device. 

And the best part is you don’t have to fuss with Bluetooth settings inside complicated phone menus – the Alexa app makes the process quick and simple. Why wait to use Alexa until you get home?

With the app, you’ve got a portable voice assistant in your pocket wherever you roam. If you are considering whether you can use Alexa without WiFi, then yes, all these methods are in this article. 

Using Alexa Voice Commands 

You can also connect Alexa to your phone using just your voice. This is handy to avoid using your hands or downloading the Alexa app. 

1. First, say, “Alexa, pair with my phone” near your Alexa device. 


2. Then go to your Bluetooth settings on your phone by saying something like “Hey Siri, open Bluetooth settings” or “OK Google, open Bluetooth settings” if you use an iPhone or Android. Your phone will search for available devices. 

add device in alexa app

3. When you see your Alexa listed, tap on or select it. Alexa will then ask you to confirm on your phone that you want to pair it. Say “yes” out loud near Alexa.

amazon alexa and echo

Now your phone and Alexa are connected with Bluetooth without looking at the screens! Using your voice makes pairing where you keep your devices easy. And once paired, you don’t need to use the app – ask Alexa questions hands-free from your phone anywhere. 

If you like to keep your hands free for other things, voice pairing with Alexa is the way to go for a simple Bluetooth setup.

You can stay connected while walking, in the garage, or working out at the gym without even taking your phone out! So that’s how to connect Alexa to Bluetooth without WiFi.

Using Alexa Remote Control

Many Alexa devices, like the Echo Show or Fire TV, have a handy remote control for basic operations. You can also use these remotes to pair the device to your phone easily through Bluetooth.

So, does Alexa work without WiFi? Let’s see how in the following steps:

1. To connect, press the Bluetooth or settings buttons on the remote to enter pairing mode. This will broadcast a signal so your phone can find the device. 

alexa remote control

2. Then go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and select the Alexa product name when it appears. 

alexa settings voice control

3. The remote will give you pairing confirmation tones and lights; watch or listen for these cues. 

alexa remote

4. You can control your Alexa device from anywhere once paired on both the remote and phone. So that’s how you use Alexa as Bluetooth speaker without WiFi.

alexa devices

Using the physical remote removes the guesswork of finding menus or remembering voice commands. It provides tactile buttons even small kids can use with supervision. And the buttons allow discreet pairing without having to speak technical terms aloud. 

So whether you prefer buttons to screens or want an extra layer of security, Alexa remotes make for an intuitive and hands-on Bluetooth linking process. Give it a try next time you want mobile access to your Alexa device! So, can Alexa work without WiFi? The answer is yes!

Using a Bluetooth Adapter 

You might be wondering now, can you use alexa without wifi? Not all Alexa devices have Bluetooth built right in. But no problem – you can easily add this capability using an inexpensive Bluetooth audio adapter. 

1. First, plug the adapter into the Alexa unit’s audio jack and activate the pairing mode on the adapter by holding its button until it starts rapidly flashing blue. 

bluetooth adapter

2. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone and select the adapter name from the list of available devices. When prompted, confirm the pairing request. 

bluetooth pairing request

3. Once connected, you can stream music, make calls, and use other Alexa skills wirelessly from your phone.streaming music appsA Bluetooth adapter is handy for older Alexa models without built-in Bluetooth or for units where wireless is important, but WiFi isn’t available. 

It allows you portable access anywhere within Bluetooth range. Setup takes just minutes. And the adapter stays connected to the Alexa device, so you only need to pair it once with each new phone. 

Whether you want mobile Alexa in the garage or your kids’ playroom, a small Bluetooth adapter investment pays off in added wireless functionality. It takes Alexa connectivity beyond the home. So that’s all about how to Bluetooth Alexa without WiFi.


Can others access my Alexa if I lose my phone?

No, your phone remains the active paired device. If lost, reset your phone or disable its Bluetooth to stop any access from it.

Do I need the app open for Bluetooth Alexa to work?

No, once paired, the initial setup is complete. As long as Bluetooth remains on, Alexa can be accessed from your phone hands-free.

Can I answer calls through my Echo?

No, for privacy, Echo devices don't allow calls. But Alexa can send Announcements or Drop-Ins to Echos from your paired phone.

How do I sync Bluetooth between multiple phones?

You must pair each phone, tablet, or other device to the accessory once. The Bluetooth device will remember all paired connections. Then, when in range of paired devices, it will automatically switch between the last one used. There is no need to re-pair each time; pick up and play from any synced phone seamlessly!


There are several easy ways how to Bluetooth Alexa without WiFi. You can access Alexa’s features anywhere using the Alexa app, voice commands, a remote, or a Bluetooth adapter.

Convenience and simplicity are key. Bluetooth unlocks Alexa’s potential outside the WiFi range, whether at home or on the go. Give it a try!

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