The internet has become an essential part of our daily life, especially for office workers. Having a secure and stable internet connection is a tricky job until you have a good router. Further, routers make it easy for you to connect multiple devices with a single internet port. Users can either establish a wired or wireless connection according to their preference. Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA is a successful router model that has a considerable demand in the community.

Many of you have just bought the device and are unsure how to proceed with the login process. Also, you might face difficulty in connecting the router with the desired device. Well, no need to worry as we will explain all the basic features of the router in this guide. Hence, make sure that you read all the sections and try it for yourself. We assure you that the Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA login process will be smooth and straightforward.

What is Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA Router?

As mentioned earlier, users want to purchase routers that claim to support high-speed internet connections. Also, the device should be compatible with various PCs, mobiles, and other appliances. Fiberhome is one of the leading network communication providers headquartered in China. The manufacturers tend to bring some of the most potent routing devices in the market. Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA is quite popular among regular users.

fiberhome an5506-04-fa router
Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA Router

Moreover, the overall user interface of the router is simple and effective. Therefore, we find it in homes, schools, and offices across the globe. There are buttons in the front and back of the device for better maintainability. The quad-antenna setup brings a more robust network and keeps the connection stable. Thus, the device is one of the favorite choices for games and online streamers. You only need to log into the machine and then continue with your routine.

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IP Address of Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA Router

Like any standard router, AN5506-04-FA also has a unique IP address required to connect with the internet. A separate IP address or the default gateway is merely a set of digits that by a dot. You should know the correct IP of the router before proceeding with the login process. In this case, is the default IP address, or you can check it yourself.

The details about the default gateway are present in the user manual along with the product. Also, it is better to check on the official webpage of Fiberhome for the latest configurations. If you still don’t find it, try using third-party apps like IP Finder to give you correct information.

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How to Login Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA Router

We hope that you have successfully gathered information about the correct IP address of the router. If yes, we can proceed with the next stage of our guide. Now, it is time to open the login page and continue with the Fiberhome AN5506-04-F admin password and username. These credentials are given to the administrator while initially setting the router. However, you can restore the default credentials that we will discuss ahead. Hence, users having the stated details can follow these steps,

Step 1

First, you need to have a standard PC to connect to the router. It is better to pre-install an internet browser like Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Step 2

Open the browser and click on the search bar. Make sure that your device connects to the router.

Step 3

Fill in and press the Enter button. In case the login page doesn’t open, try to switch the browser. You can also restart the computer or use another device like a laptop.

ip address of fiberhome
IP Address of Fiberhome

Step 4

Next, the login page will ask for user credentials that you are already having. Further, username and password are cases sensitive while logging.

Step 5

Finally, when you press the Login button, it will take a couple of seconds to give you access. Once the Settings panel opens, you can change various configurations accordingly.

How to Restore Default Credentials?

In the above section, you need to have the correct username and password to log in. However, many users often forget these details in the long run. Thus, you need to perform a simple factory reset operation to restore the default credentials. But on the other hand, it will also erase all the data stored on the router. Therefore, a factory or hard reset should be your last option to resolve this issue. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

The router will have a factory reset button on the backside. You will need to locate it!

Step 2

Next, grab a small pin or paper clip that will fit inside the slot. Push the button and stick the pin while pressing it for 30 seconds.

restore default credentials
Restore Default Credentials

Step 3

You will get a beeping sound from the device that means the rest procedure is complete. Thus, you can now connect the router with the default credentials with the steps mentioned above.

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Default Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA Admin Password

The default Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA password and username keeps on changing for security reasons. Therefore, you need to refer to the official website for the new credentials. However, try these common set of credentials,

default fiberhome password
Default Fiberhome Password
  •  Username- admin, Password- 1234567890
  •  Username- user, Password- (blank)

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How to update firmware manually?

Go to the Firmware Update area of your router's firmware. A manual update option is there after logging in. To upload an IMG image or other file, click the button and browse it. To install the updated firmware, click Update.

What happens if the firmware still needs to be updated?

The firmware will grow more vulnerable to security flaws if the system is not routinely updated. Hence, it might result in significant financial loss or system downtime. Security returns to the original level or greater with firmware updates.

Is updating router firmware a wise idea?

Additional firmware frequently includes security safeguards, other functionality, and bug fixes. Some items either check for updated firmware automatically or let you manually check for it.

Do routers perform firmware updates automatically?

It's a good idea to manually check the router's firmware occasionally, even if most of them update it automatically. You must gain access to your router to do this. Usually, the IP address of your router is present below it.

How to make firmware updates?

Some internet-connected gadgets automatically download and install new firmware when periodically checking for it. Other device manufacturers demand that users go to their websites to obtain and install firmware updates manually. So, it frequently releases updates from manufacturers.

Is updating firmware safe?

Most of the time, updating the firmware on your device is secure, but you must adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines. Hence, large-scale problems may result from updates going wrong.


The Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA login guide is now coming to an end after providing all the necessary information. If you still have doubts regarding the router, contact the support service of Fiberhome. They will provide the best solutions to overcome any issue with your device. 

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