We can use several sources to get stable access to the internet at your home or office. It is commonly seen that users tend to install routers for better connectivity. However, you must tend to believe in facts rather than going for false claims in the market. Further, the internet plays a major role in almost every field in the current generation. This outgrowing need for a good internet connection is the reason that manufacturers like Etisalat are coming forward. However, many people are reluctant to operate devices from new names. Although, you should be aware of the types of routers and leading router manufacturers present in the market. Follow this article to know how to do etisalat router login.

etisalat router
Etisalat router

Therefore, we are here with the complete guide to assist you in the procedure. This Etisalat router login guide consists of everything you can ask. Also, we will be sharing information about resetting the router and some details about the default credentials. Moreover, you can also reset the password according to the requirement. Thus, stick to the prescribed methods to get accurate results and avoid any potential errors.

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What is Etisalat Router?

Etisalat is a huge multi-national company based in the UAE that came into existence 15 years back. It has a large consumer base, mainly in Asia, Europe, and some parts of Africa. They are known for developing various telecommunication models to enhance user connectivity. Hence, you can purchase any of their router models according to your need. Every model has its unique properties that serve different purposes to the owners. However, you must be aware of the details, such as the logging process, for future reference.


IP Address for Etisalat Router Login

Further, you should be aware of the basic concept behind the IP address of any device that functions online. It helps in maintaining a sustainable connection with the device on the same network. Therefore, is the default gateway for your router. However, it is better to check details like this manually. Make sure to read the user guide that comes along with the device itself. It will also contain information about Etisalat username and password accordingly. Also, you should consider looking for another guide if the IP details don’t match or have a different configuration.

How to Log into Etisalat Router?

You can find several guides on the internet that will discuss Etisalat router login. However, we try to bring you important information about the logging process. Moreover, every step is thoroughly explained to makes things clear to the user. Hence, you can follow the login steps along with the guide. Once you enter the login page, it will be easy for you to make changes made by the administrator. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the router is having as the default IP Address. Follow these steps for better understanding as they will take you through every stage,


Step 1

The first includes connecting the router with a computer that has a web browser installed in it. Next, users can operate softwares like Opera, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

Step 2

Click on the search bar of the browser and type or copy-paste it from here. Make sure that there is no typing error while doing the same.

Step 3

Press Enter, and if everything goes correct, the login page will appear on your screen. The user will then need to fill in the username along with the Etisalat router password.

Step 4

Finally, click the Login button, and hopefully, you will reach the router’s Settings panel. Then, after making the necessary changes, you can close the browser.

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How to Change Etisalat WiFi Password?

This question is the most popular query among users who tend to forget their username or password regularly. Moreover, it is better to change the WiFi password to prevent any security breach. Thus, if you don’t remember the exact details, you can always reset the entire router settings. The method is also known as the Factory or Hard Reset procedure in technological terms. It will restore any data and convert it into default configurations accordingly. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

First, you need to find the reset button present on the device itself while it is turned on. The button looks similar to a black dot and is quite small.

reset button
reset button

Step 2

You will find it difficult to get to the button that is present deep in the hole. It is better to use a toothpick or a pin to put inside the tiny hole.

Step 3

Once you get hold of it, keep pressing it for 20-30 seconds and wait for the light to start blinking.

Step 4

Finally, you can reconnect the router with your PC and log in using the default credentials. However, you can change the password later or keep the default one.

Default Username and Password for Etisalat Router

The above section discusses resetting the password of the router in case of an emergency. Now, let’s gaze at the default credentials for Etisalat router login. No doubt you can find the Etisalat default router password and username details on the router box or the guide slip of the device. However, some of the common details are,

etisalat default username and password
Etisalat default username and password

· Username- admin

Password- admin

· Username- admin

Password- 1234

· Username- user

Password- user


How can I choose my PIN for Etisalat admin?

Customers without a PIN will have to create one when they call 101. Choose the PIN based on the customer's calling account number. Hence, you must contact the account number to create a PIN.

What is the Wi-fi admin password?

Wi-fi devices connect to your Wi-fi or hotspot using the Wi-fi password. Contrarily, use the admin or router login details to access the router's online interface for authentication or verification.

What do you mean by 'private Wi-Fi'?

Private Wi-fi encrypts the Wi-fi connection to safeguard the identity and sensitive data. Hence, you can browse confidently, knowing that every activity of yours online is protected with bank-level security.

What function does a router serve?

Connect a few packet-switched networks or subnetworks using a router. By transmitting data packets to the targeted IP addresses, it manages network traffic and allows multiple devices to share an Internet connection.

What is the router administrator login?

Determine the router's IP address. The majority of routers can utilize a default address. To verify and access the administrator settings, enter the login details for the administrative login.

Where is the local IP?

Firstly, go to the Start Menu. Then search for the search box and hit Enter. Hence, you should type ipconfig /all and push Enter to launch a window in black and white. Between the switch and the ipconfig command, there is a space.


By now, you would have got a clear idea about Etisalat router login from our article. We are glad that our Etisalat router login guide will help you to resolve any potential issue regarding the process. Moreover, you can talk with the Support executive of the manufacturer for more details. 

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