Routers are crucial for providing internet on multiple devices like laptops, mobiles, and computers. We need stable and reliable internet access to perform various online activities. You should purchase an effective routing device to give the best output.

Edimax is one of the leading WiFi router manufacturers in the telecommunication market. You need to configure the settings, and it will automatically register with ISP. However, some of our readers don’t know the correct procedure to access the login page of the Edimax router. Today, we bring you a complete guide to Edimax Setup login and connect with your computer. We recommend you review the entire manual as we will cover some essential topics too.

What Is Edimaxext, And How Does It Work?

The Edimaxext wireless extender device aids in extending the range of your current wireless network. Reaching areas of your home or office that would otherwise have a weak or no signal works by receiving the wireless signal from your router and then boosting it. edimaxext

The device can be positioned in a central space, like a hallway or living room, to ensure that the signal is distributed evenly throughout the space. You can connect different devices to the network without using extra cables or routers, thanks to the built-in access point that is part of this device.

Overall, Edimaxext offers a stronger and more reliable connection for all your devices, making it a simple and efficient way to increase wireless coverage in your home or office.

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Features of Edimax Router

This section is for people who don’t know much about routers. We assume you already have an Edimax router at home and office. The company already manufactures several models.

edimax router

Also, each model has benefits and provides fair usage in different conditions. Some of the key features are,

  • Dual-Band router with versatile range extender
  • High internet speeds up to 1200 Mbps
  • Multiple Ethernet ports for better connectivity
  • Support various devices without compromising speed
  • Uses 11ac high-speed wireless networking
  • Guest Network feature and Automatic Firmware Update

These unique features make Edimax a popular choice for customers across the globe.

IP Address for Edimax Setup Login

The next thing you need to know before Edimax Setup Login is the correct IP address of the device. It is necessary to have details about the default gateway to access the Router’s login page. Moreover, it might vary from different devices as manufacturers tend to have multiple IP addresses. You could refer to the official website or user manual to learn more about it. Regarding the Edimax router, is the default IP address.


Further, you should set your computer’s TCP/IP protocol to “Obtain IP Address Automatically.” This IP applies to most routers, but you must verify the details. The DHCP server could assign any address ranging from and accordingly.

Steps to Login to Edimax Router

Once you have the accurate IP address of the Router, it will be easy to open the login page. Although, you still need an admin username and password to access the settings panel. We suggest getting these details beforehand to avoid delays in the later stages. The steps for Edimax Setup login through your computer are as follows,

Step 1

First, you need a PC with a working web browser installed. You could use software like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Step 2

Open the browser and click on the search bar. You have to type in the IP address in the format. Make sure the Router is turned on.

Step 3

Next, hit the Enter button and wait for the browser to connect to your Router.

Step 4

Wait for a few seconds until the Edimax router login page loads on the screen. It will have separate columns for user credentials.

Step 5

This is where you must put in the correct combination of username and password. Once it verifies the credentials, you will log into the device settings.

Note– You should avoid changing default configurations as it might lead to data loss in the Router. It is better only to access options that you are aware of or know the correct procedure.

How to Change Admin Password?

As mentioned, you must put the appropriate credentials on the login page to access the Router. However, some people forget it in the long run and thus prefer to change it accordingly.

The steps for the same are

Step 1

Login to the Router using the previous actions and get to the settings panel.

Step 2

Click on the Administrator tab from the left column and select the Password menu.

Step 3

You must fill in the current and new passwords in the provided space. Make sure to use a strong password for extra security.

Step 4

Finally, the Router’s login page will exit, and you can now log in using the new credentials.

How to Reset Edimax Router?

Resetting the Router means clearing all the newly added details and reverting configurations to the default state. It will also reset user credentials; you can no longer access the Router. Moreover, the factory reset will erase personal data on the device. Hence, using it as the last troubleshooter would be best. You can reset the Edimax router by,

Step 1

First, get the Router and look for a reset button on the backside. It seems like a small pinhole.

reset router

Step 2

Take a pin or toothpick to press the button. You have to be extremely careful as it could break the switch.


Step 3

You have to hold it for 30 seconds until the lights flicker. After setting up the device, you could use it again on multiple devices.


Default User Credentials of Edimax Setup Login


Here are some commonly active usernames and passwords on your Edimax router.

  • Username- admin

Password- 1234

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- user

Password- (blank)


How to get the factory settings on the Edimax?

By pressing and holding the WPS/Reset button for more than 20 seconds, or until the power LED flashes, you can restore the device to its factory default settings. Please give the product some time to restart. All settings will be converted to their default values when the device resumes.

What are the Edimax routers' default login details?

The default login credentials for most Edimax routers are admin and 1234, respectively.

How do I activate my extender?

Attach your Range Extender to a power outlet nearby your main Router. Before pressing the WPS button on the range extender, press the WPS button on your primary Router. Hence, you must press the WPS button.

How is a router connected?

Join the Ethernet to the Internet port. It links to the Ethernet cable's end. After plugging it in, give your Router at least 2 to 3 minutes to start up. After turning off your computer, attach an Ethernet wire.

Where can one find the WPS button?

The WPS button is located on your device's front or back panel. Wireless-G routers can exist that don't necessarily enable WPS. For further information about the Router's features, consult the product manual.

Why won't my router enable an internet connection?

If you are having trouble with your internet signal, restart your modem and Router immediately. It is what you should try initially because it frequently works. To restart your device, unplug the power cable for 60 seconds, then re-plug it.


We hope you can proceed with the Edimax setup login along with various steps, like resetting the Router. If you still face any issues, try contacting the Edimax support service.

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