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dodo modem login

There is an ever-growing demand for routers that can provide a wide range of features and services. Moreover, the network should be stable and have the capability of withstanding a high load. Well, Dodo routers from Huawei serve all these purposes without any additional requirements. This makes them one of the best routers right now in the network market. Therefore, today we bring this Dodo modem login guide for all the users out there. It will help you to understand the method to log in and other details about the device.

What is Dodo HG659 Router?

Factually, Huawei claims to manufacture some of the best routers in the industry, extensively used in homes and offices. A better router will provide a stable internet connection. Moreover, their Dodo modem is relatively popular among users as it has various features. The overall under interface is simple, and you can also connect multiple devices at the same time. There are no compromises in the connection speed even when the device is placed at a distance.

dodo hg659 router
Dodo HG659 Router


Further, the Dodo HG659 router is one of the best routing modems in the market. Therefore, users tend to look for accurate Dodo modem login guides and other details.

Default Dodo Modem Login and IP Address

Like any typical online device, the Dodo router also requires a specific IP address for proper functioning. These details are primarily found in the user manual that you find along with the device. The IP address is also known as the default gateway in many booklets or online resources. Also, it is available on the manufacturer’s official web page to make things easy for the users.

 dodo router ip address
dodo router ip address

However, you can try using the IP address while logging in to the Dodo router. It is vital to use the exact numbers and symbols while putting the default gateway. A mistake of even a single digit will give an error, and the dodo router login page will not open. Hence, you should be aware of the router’s correct Dodo Gohub IP address before moving further.

Process for Dodo Modem Login

This is the most crucial section of this guide, as you will know about the correct method for Dodo modem login. Moreover, it is pretty helpful for beginners who don’t have any technical knowledge.

dodo icon
dodo icon

Thus, you should follow each step to reach the final stage of the login. In case you get any error, try to start from the first step. Also, it is recommended to have a PC or laptop rather than using a mobile. Users must install a regular internet browser as you require it to access the login page. The steps are,

Step 1

First, connect the router with the computer through WiFi or wired connection. Ensure that there is no interference in the network.

Step 2

Click and open any web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. Any other application might not work due to technical errors.

Step 3

Next, tap on the search bar and fill in the Dodo IP address such as This step is quite essential as you require to type the accurate details. Moreover, there is no space between the characters.

Step 4

Press Enter button from the keyboard and wait for a couple of seconds. Most probably, the Dodo modem login page will appear on the screen. If you get any error, either restart the PC or switch to another web browser.

Step 5

Once you get to the login page, you need to access the corresponding username and password. You can change these details to default that we will learn in the other sections.

dodo modem login
Dodo Modem Login

Step 6

Finally, enter the user credentials and click on the Login button. It will load for a few seconds, and you will enter the settings panel.

How to Reset the Dodo Router?

As mentioned earlier, you require the correct router username and password to log into the router. However, there are instances when users tend to forget them or don’t have access to them. Thus, they can’t get to the settings panel without these details. The best solution to this problem is to reset the router. The factory or hard reset restores all the default configurations of the router. Also, it will erase the user data stored in the device. Therefore, make sure to save anything important before resetting the device. The steps to reset the dodo router are,

Step 1

Find the factory reset button on the device itself. It looks like a small hole that is present on the back panel.

Step 2

You need a tiny pin or paper clip to poke inside the button. Keep pressing it for at least 10 seconds.

push and hold
Push and Hold

Step 3

Finally, you will hear the beep sound from the device that signals the completion of the reset process. Now, you can log in again with the same steps and use default user credentials.

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Default Username and Password for Dodo Modem Login

Once you reset the router, any previous username and password will no longer work. Therefore, you need the default credentials for the logging process. You can look for the same inside the user manual accordingly.

admin modem
admin modem for dodo modem login

However, it can is quite easy to try the following credentials for the router. Some of the common hg659 default password dodo are,

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- admin

Password- 1234

  • Username- admin

Password- password

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In the end, we have put all the major and minor details regarding the Dodo modem login. Also, try to log in using the correct IP address of the router as it will not show any error.

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