We all get ruffled up when our wifi stops working. It may be due to several issues. The problem with the network is one such issue. Everyone knows networks connect things, computers to computers, and systems to networks. It is something that does a complicated and essential deed couldn’t be simple, right? Well, they aren’t. Networks can have queer issues at times. One such problem you might face is the DHCP lookup failure. It mostly appears as a message.

It’s not so rare, after all. So when it shows up on your screen, don’t freak out as we all mostly do. It can be pretty handy to know how to fix things like it. Which is what I’m going to tell you. I’m going to teach how you could set the DHCP lookup failed obstacle in the upcoming portion.

Let’s first discuss things that can help us learn the DHCP lookup failed issue in a better way.

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The Purpose of DHCP

Let us settle a few things about the DHCP lookup failure before proceeding.

Ok, so let me ask you guys what DHCP is; I am sure you’ve heard the term somewhere. For those who haven’t or didn’t take trouble figure out, it stands for DYNAMIC HOST CONFIGURATION PROTOCOL.


A bunch of preset rules regulate the assigning of IP addresses. WWith the increasing number of users, everyone requires a speech to get going. Without that, they won’t be able to surf the internet and do related things.

How impractical would it be to assign them an address by hand? Manually? It sounds pretty hectic and so error-prone.

That is why they came up with the DHCP, which automatically allocates an address to every user needing it.

No human interference. No waiting around. Everything happens automatically, without any hassle.

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Decoding the DHCP Lookup Failed Obstacle

You read what DHCP does. So when it isn’t working fine, and you get the “DHCP lookup failed” sentence flashing, what could it be?

hcp lookup failed

It gives that message to indicate that the DHCP cannot assign you an IP. Hence, it blocks you from the network. In that case, the address you have is It is the one reserved for the DHCP lookup failed errors and the like of it.

Is there a way you can get rid of the DHCP lookup failed error yourself? Or is consulting the technician your best shot? You know, it is not as grave as you may think. There are, in fact, a couple of things you could try before you submit to the last resort.

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How to Resolve DHCP Lookup Failed Error

If your internet is not working and you are getting the right message. I suggest you try the things I’m going to enlist shortly here. They may solve your DHCP lookout failed predicament without inviting anyone to do it for you. Here you go, folks.

dhcp lookup router error

Try restarting your router and system; restarting fixes just about anything, right? If that doesn’t work out, check if you toggled the DHCP optiin your settings.

The next thing you could ask for is What to do if it isn’t, though? To fix your DHCP lookup failed problem, you must enter the settings and turn it on there. Note down the steps:

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How to Make Alterations in the Settings Portal

  1. Figure out what your router’s IP is. You can do it by typing Ipconfig into the command prompt environment. Write down what it says is your default gateway as shown in the image. 

router sticker

2. Next, to fix your DHCP lookup failed thing, Fire up your web browser, first up. Therein, scroll up and get to the address bar. Search the address that you wrote down in the previous step.

3. You will get to a sort of web page, and which will be a tiny form. Fill in whatever details it asks of you.Method 1

4. When and if all go ok, you’ll see the main settings page of your router.


5. Keep a searching eye out for the menu by the name “properties.” Once you get in it, you can turn the DHCP on for your PC. And potentially solve the DHCP lookup failed problem.


6. You can also try tinkering with DNS and DHCP addresses. Maybe one of them is on, or none is. Tick both of them on.hcp-lookup-failed

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Alternative Method

Another thing to get rid of is the DHCP lookout failed something. You’ll have to enable both types of IPs. They are IPv6 as well as IPv4. Choosing one won’t do.

connected to router

One more convenient solution will be to take the help of a troubleshooter. Troubleshooting is a process that gets all the existing problems and their solutions to light. If it does underline the DHCP lookup failed problem among the others and its answer, follow it religiously.

80 out of 100 times, it solves everything. If not one of these works for you, reset the router. Just take a thin pin and press the teeny tiny button at the back of the gadget. About 30 seconds will have to do.

Reset has a high possibility of making the DHCP lookup failed message disappear.


How can DHCP be reset?

Select Start > Run, enter cmd, and then choose OK. The IP configuration will be released once you enter the command ipconfig /release in the prompt window. The DHCP server will assign your machine a new IP address when you enter the command ipconfig /renew and hit Enter.

Does DHCP affect wifi?

It's crucial to note that clients can authenticate and associate with the wifi network. Still, because they lack an IP address and routing information, they may be unable to access the network services when the DHCP server fails.

What is private DNS?

One can encrypt DNS queries using Private DNS. It implies that even if threat actors can intercept your data, they cannot learn what you are searching for online. Therefore, a private DNS mode can aid in your protection from listening in.

Is the host a router?

A router is a device that transmits packets between networks. To accomplish this, the router has two network interfaces. Known as a host, a system with only one network interface cannot forward content.

Can I change my router?

Your internet service provider can quickly provide you with a new router as an upgrade or replacement. Set up your router. In a vital spot in your house, install your router. Position your router higher, at a height.


That was some information about the DHCP lookup failed problem that could interest you. You could use it to add to your knowledge, and it can even solve any issues you’re having. Following the steps is all you have to do!

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