If you want flawless, smooth printing, go for zebra printers. They provide mobile handheld printers for various industries. They make the printing of barcodes, receipts, and RFID tags possible. Zebra mobile productivity will surely enhance your employees’ productivity as they are made durable, self-reliant, and endless to work. Zebra printers are label printers produced by Zebra Technologies. You can easily connect these printers to your PC via a USB port. Through this article, we are going to discuss the default zebra printer password.

You must provide a default username and password to access the zebra printer server directly. The Default Password of every zebra printer is 1234. After that, you should alter the default passwords according to your want to protect yourself from the attack of hackers.

Many of us already know that pre-configured passwords of some devices or applications are known as default passwords. Companies’ most used default passwords are password, guest, sysadmin, etc. And without a doubt, your system will be at 100 percent risk of malware attack if you don’t change that password.

Zebra Print Server Default Password

Are you trying to make changes to the menu of your Zebra ZM400 printer? Then you must have faced the prompt asking for a username and password. Figuring out these credentials can be a bit messy. So here, you will get all the required information.zebra net

The zebra zm400 default password is 1234. And the username is Admin. All printers of zebra have the same password. And finally, after entering this password, you’ll be able to change the menu entry settings. If your password is not being accepted as 1234, then surely it has been changed before.

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Why should you change the Zebra default Password?

Not changing the printer password can lead to losing much potential personal information. It can also make your corporate network vulnerable and your home network equipment. If a hacker gets access to your system, he will have admin control over your whole system. Changing your default zebra printer password is highly advised to protect yourself from such threats while configuring your printer for the first time.change default zebra printer password

The attacker or any curious individual who comes within the signal range of your printer network can log in to it. They will be able to hijack the whole print network effectively. Once they get access, they can kick you out of the network control and play pranks.

Some can even introduce malware into your industrial network, resulting in greater loss. Therefore, changing the default password when configuring your device for the first time is highly advised.

Another important step to protect your device is to provide access to only authorized users. Only give access to information and data that are truly important for sharing and protect them by keeping strong credentials.

Why Zebra ZM400 Printer is a better selection?

It is a remarkable printer of the Z series of Zebra Printers. It can help to make your inventory management more efficient by allowing high-speed, high-volume printing. The XML printing option of the printer allows direct connection to the ERP applications. The flexible network connectivity feature of zm400 allows easy system integration in most manufacturing, warehousing, etc. The most salient features of zm400 include delivering efficient 4-inch-wide labelings. Its print speed is 254 mm per second.zebra zm400 printer

The ZM400 series printers provide a safe wireless 02.11b/g connection and the Zebranet 10/100 MEGABit print server. This enables the simultaneous use of the parallel network possible.

The ZM400 printer provides many advanced features. One such feature is printing with 200,300 and 600 dots per inch resolutions. It also offers XML-based printing and easy integration with RFID technology. And you can upgrade it at your wish.

These printers are optimized to be super user-friendly. You can replace the ink ribbons and thermal transfer labels quickly. Additionally, a backlit LCD allows you to change the settings. The printhead and rolls are easily available in the market at affordable prices. Plus, it is easy to maintain them. This printer series is highly suitable for many large purposes, such as warehouse management, processes of the supply chain, and order fulfillment.

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How to change the Zebra zm400 default password?

Through this method, you can change the default zebra printer password from the web interface and through LCD Display. The default zm400 default password is 1234. All zebra printers’ default password is 1234.

How to change the default password from Web Interface?

  1. Go to the Zebranet Print Server Web Page.zebra net web server
  2. Among various options, select Print Server Settings.print server settings
  3. Then, go to Print Server and proceed by clicking Web Admin.web admin
  4. Then, the system will ask you to log in. The default username is Admin, and the password set as default is 1234. From here you’ll be able to change password. sign in to server5. Once you have changed the password according to your need, click on submit changes.save changes6. And for permanently save the password, go back to the Print server setting page and select Reset Print Server.

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How to change the default password in Non-Link OS Zebra Printers with an LCD Display?

Some parameters, like communication parameters, are password locked by factory default in Zebra printers. First, you will attempt to change a parameter, and the prompt will ask you for a password.enter password printer screen

To enter the password for the locked parameter, follow these steps :

  1. Use Minus ( – ) to alter the selected digit position.
  2. Use plus ( + ) to increase the selected value.
  3. Finally, after entering the password, tap Select.
  4. You have to repeat these steps for each digit of the password.

Now, the parameter you have selected to be changed will display.

If you want to change the default password using ZPL, follow this :




If you have forgotten your password and want to return to the default value, follow this :

Using ZPL, send this,




Using the ZPL command, you can disable the password protection option. The printer will not ask for any passcode again. By using the command ^KP ZPL command, you can set the password to 0000. To re-enabling the password-protection feature, use the Zebra Programming Language command. The command is ^KPx, where x can be any number from 1 to 9999.

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How can I change my Zebra printer default password?

The Zebranet print server web page allows you to change the default zebra printer password. You’ll have to log in using the default password, 1234. After that, you’ll get the option to change your password.

Why is my Zebra printer printing code?

The main reason can be the wrong setting of emulation. The emulation can be changed by using Zebra Setup Utilities Program.

How do I connect my Zebra printer?

You can simply connect your Zebra Printer to your system by plugging in the USB cord. The windows system will automatically detect the printer. Then, you can proceed with your operations.

How do I get a Zebra printer IP address?

First, press the plus button to scroll through the IP Protocol setting. When the permanent option is displayed, stop. Now, click on the Save button. Now, you will get your IP address.

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This article is a complete guide about all of the information about the default zebra printer password. Through this, you can alter the zebra zm400 default password. And hence, you can change the menu entry according to your choice. Now, you must be completely aware of the concept of default passwords. Why change them, and what are the steps involved in it? So, you shouldn’t panic if your operations are not going smoothly with zebra printers. Or you want to protect your system’s network. Just follow this updated guide thoroughly.

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