Different Ways To Block Internet Access On PC

block internet access

The internet has become a major part of our daily lives, and we require it for almost every digital work. However, there are instances when you have to block internet access to your PC. We have compiled some serious methods that will help you in the same. Make sure to read the procedures carefully to avoid any network error.

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Method #1: Turn Off Internet Source

Turning off internet sources is the most common method to block internet access on your PC. Obviously, every system requires a source like a router, dongle, or Ethernet cable to access the internet. If you can turn off that source or remove the connection, your PC will no longer be able to use the internet. Users can either shut down the source or disconnect it from the PC itself. The steps to disconnect network connection from Windows OS are,

Step 1

First, go to the Settings panel and search for the Network Connection tab. You can also search it by typing in the search bar.

Open the Network and Sharing Center
Open the Network and Sharing Center

Step 2

A complete list of all the available network connections is will appear on the screen. Next, right-click on the source that you want to disconnect. Finally, click on the Disable option to block the internet source.

click on the disable option
Click on the Disable option

Note- If you want to reconnect the device, follow the same steps and click on Enable button

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Method #2: Disabling Using Windows Firewall

The previous method blocks every software installed on the system. However, some ways allow you to block internet access to specific applications. Windows Firewall is one of the common procedures for the same. It is like an integrated tool that can manipulate various accesses given to any application. Thus, you can disable network connections for any program accordingly. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

Open the Control Panel by searching it on the Start button bar. Also, you can access it by clicking on the Control Panel option on Windows Menu.

go to the control panel
Go to the Control Panel

Step 2

Further, click on the System and Security title followed by Windows Defender Firewall.

open the security center
Open the Security Center

Step 3

Once you get inside the Firewall settings, select the Exceptions tab. You then need to select the desired programs which you wish to disconnect from the private network.

open windows firewall settings
Open Windows Firewall settings

Step 4

Save the configurations and get back to the home page. Try opening that specific software, and you will no longer have internet access.

open the program and try to access the Internet
Open the program and try to access the Internet

Hence, you have successfully executed the process where all applications are working except for the blocked one.

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Method #3: Parental Control

Moving onto the next method of blocking internet access, we can use Parental Control. Every Windows device has a special feature known as Parental Control that allows you to manage your child’s PC. It is necessary to keep an eye on their online activities and restrict them from using malicious websites. Moreover, the same attribute can be used to block internet access to various programs and websites accordingly. If you want to limit the internet usage to multiple apps, follow these steps,

Step 1

First, open the Settings panel from the Start button and select the Account icon. Users can also find it in the search bar.

select accounts
Select Accounts

Step 2

In the left menu, click on the Other People tab to open all system accounts of your PC.

select family & other people
Select Family & Other People

Step 3

You will be prompted to add a family member and choose between a Child or Adult account. Also, add their respective email addresses for better accessibility.

select add a child
Select Add a Child

Step 4

Once you add the person successfully, click on the Manage Family Settings Online to access the Parental Control feature.

click on the manage family settings online
Click on the Manage Family Settings Online

Step 5

You will be redirected to the Microsoft online portal with the names of all family members added previously. Select the Check Recent Activity option.

select the check recent activity
Select the Check Recent Activity

Step 6

Users can now easily restrict various websites and online stores under the Content Restriction tab. Also, it allows you to activate the Safe Search mode for better protection. In case you only want to block internet access to particular sites, add them too!

Method #4: Fake Proxy Server

A proxy server can also act as a reasonable solution to block your computer or laptop from gaining internet access. It will restrict your IP address from connecting with the live server and hence will not load online pages. The only downfall is that anyone with basic technical knowledge can easily disable the proxy server. Therefore, it is not a dependable way to block internet access on the PC. If you still want it, the steps are mentioned below,

Step 1

Click on the Control Panel option and go to Network and Sharing Center

launch network and sharing center
Launch Network and Sharing Center

Step 2

Then, navigate to Network Adapters and select your WiFi icon from the list.

go to network adapters
Go to Network Adapters

Step 3

Finally, select the Disable option to stop any internet network coming to your PC.


It will block the computer from using that specific WiFi or router for internet services.

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Method #5: Third-Party Applications

At last, you can use various third-party applications to prevent your PC from getting internet access. This method is viable if you willingly want to stop internet services to help you focus on your work. Tools like Let Me Work, Focalfilter, K9 Web Protection are highly effective in such situations.

use third-party apps
Use third-party apps

Moreover, this free software can be used to set a timer during which you can’t use internet services. However, you can impose restrictions on particular sites or IPs as per the requirement. We will not go deeper into the discussion as every software has a unique user interface. Hence, you could try them for yourself and make good choices regarding blocking internet access.

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We hope you now have adequate details about blocking internet access on your laptop or computer. If you face any difficulties in the given steps, try to start again from the first step. Also, remember your way back as you might need to reconnect the internet connection in the future.

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