Belkin is one of the most popular telecommunication device manufacturers with a vast customer base. Their various router models have a massive demand in the international market. Although, many beginners face issues while setting up the device, especially for the first time. This you are looking for a complete guide to resolve such issues, you are at the right place.
If your Belkin router not working after reset, we are here to help you. There could be several issues that might be responsible for the same.

Belkin Router
Belkin Router

However, we have some techniques that will help you troubleshoot the problem. Read the guide until the end and get a complete overview of tackling the situation.

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How to Reset Belkin Router From Computer?

There is no doubt that resetting your router could be a potential solution to some common issues. Many users believe that users should avoid resetting the device as it can be harmful. However, Factory Reset is the most common method to restore the default configurations of the router. It will not only make your router faster but also help in removing standard issues. Therefore, if you wonder how do I reset my Belkin router, follow our instructions to avoid undesirable complications.
Every router has a hard reset button mainly located on the front panel.

Belkin Router Reset
Belkin Router Reset

The steps for resetting Belkin wireless router are,

  • First, you need to find the reset button present on the device. It looks like a small black dot with a hole.
  • Next, grab a hairpin or paper clip to press the button. It could be tricky as you don’t want to damage the internal wiring.
  • Once the button is pressed, you need to hold it for 10-15 seconds, and it will be enough time for the router to get into the reset mode.
  • Finally, you will observe that the router lights start to blink vigorously. It shows that the device is ready to reconnect with the PC. However, you have to fill in the default username and password while logging in this time.

Belking Router Not Working After Reset- Troubleshooters

We know your Belkin router not working after reset and causing issues while streaming online. Here are a couple of troubleshooters that could help you in such a situation.

Restart the Router

Restarting the router is an effective method that takes less than 30 seconds to execute. You need first to remove the router’s power supply from the socket. Wait for some time before you plug it back in. This will help the device recalibrate the settings and restore the network connection.

belkin router controls
Belkin Router controls

Further, the internal temperature will decrease and provide better internet speed.

Update Firmware

Belkin often pushes firmware updates to their customers across the globe. We recommend updating the software as soon as you receive the notification, and it will remove any bugs that might be responsible for stopping the device.

Belkin Router Firmware Update
Belkin Router Firmware Update

Make sure to fix the automated configurations in the Settings panel of your Belkin router.

Contact Internet Service Provider

It might be the case that your internet service provider faces some internal issues in the backend. The router can’t process the internet if it is not receiving any network from the ISP. Thus, it would be best to verify before resetting your router.

Internet connection
Internet connection

Don’t forget to upgrade the internet plan to increase the monthly usage allowance to help your Belkin Router reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

We assume you are pretty familiar with the techniques mentioned above to fix the Belkin router not working after reset. Some users might have doubts regarding the complete procedure regarding it. Therefore, we bring you some FAQs and their expert answers.

Why is my Router Not Connecting?

The router might have an outdated version, due to which the software is experiencing glitches. Moreover, any background noise or issues with the internet service provider could be a potential reason. Ensure to check with the router’s settings and re-configure the DNS address.

Why Does My Router Not Work After Reset?

If you are facing an issue related to the Belkin router not working after reset, you need to log in using the default configurations. Also, look for any inaccurate software configurations that might create interference. You can also contact the Belkin Support Service for additional assistance on the issue.

How Long Does it take for a Belkin Router to Reset?

Resetting the Belkin router by following the steps mentioned above will not take you more than 2 minutes. However, you can find it a bit difficult as it may restore factory settings.


We hope we have given you all the necessary information to fix your Belkin Router not Working After Reset. We also hope to have given you a bit more insight into the resetting of the Belkin wireless router.

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