The last thing anybody would want is to shut down their router due to unavoidable circumstances. There are several issues related to your router that could surface anytime. There is no doubt that a non-working router is a nightmare for everyone, especially when you have deadlines. Here we will be discussing the problem of the Asus router not connecting. To set up and know more about Asus routers, click here.

asus router not connecting

We are here with some techniques to help you solve the Asus router not connecting problem. These methods a highly effective in removing standard hardware or software issues. Not only this, but we can help you deal with the problems of other routers. Hence, make sure to follow the guide as we proceed to different troubleshooters on the way. Click here to know more.

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How to Fix Asus Router Not Connecting?

Asus Router Troubleshooting methods are pretty simple, and anyone can perform them without any assistance. Even if you are a user with minimal technical knowledge, you can restore the router.

1. Restart the Asus Router

Restarting is the easiest and most effective method to resolve the network issue on the router. As the name suggests, you have to reset the router by plugging out the device from the power socket simply. Make sure that you wait for a couple of minutes before switching it back on.

restart the asus router

It is better to check for any fault in the power cable that leads to the device. This will give enough time for the router to generate efficiency in the network. Also, it could handle temperature spikes in the router that could be dangerous in the long run.

2. Update Firmware

It is quite common to observe users skipping the part where they have to update the router’s Firmware. The developers try to push the latest configurations and settings to their customers. These mainly include bug fixes and error control functions that could arise in the device. If your router is not updated, it could shut down temporary rail for security reasons.

update firmware

You can directly download the same from the official website of Asus. Therefore, it is advisable to update the Firmware as soon as you get a notification.

3. Admin Login Console

You all know the login procedure for your Asus router that is only accessible by the administrator. Moreover, you require the router’s default IP address to access the control panel. Try to restore any changes that you made recently.

admin login console

However, avoid changing any parameter without having adequate knowledge about it. If you find anything unusual in the router’s settings, contact the Asus Support Service.

4. Use Ethernet Cable

The next troubleshooter to fix the Asus router not connecting includes an additional Ethernet cable. The router has a wired connection port at the back that enables you to restore the internet. Moreover, it is comparatively faster and provides better connectivity to the primary device.

use ethernet cable

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a short Ethernet cord to help you get your internet back. If the wireless connectivity fails, you can try using other methods by using an Ethernet cable.

5. Hard Reset

Last but not least, Hard reset is the final resort that will resolve any potential problem with the router. This method will remove the user data from the router and convert it into a new device. Moreover, the settings panel will restore to its default configurations. Hence, you should only reset your device if there are no alternate solutions.

The steps to factory reset your device are,

  1. Find the hard reset button on the back of your router.

reset router

2. Take a paperclip to push the button. Once you insert it into the slot, press and hold the button for at least 30 seconds.

sharp pin to fit inside hole

It will turn the router into reset mode, and you are ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several users might still have other doubts regarding their Asus router not connecting with the internet. 

Why is My Asus Router Not Connecting to Internet?

The router could be facing hardware issues while establishing a wireless connection. It is better to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the computer. Also, try consulting your internet service provider to ensure everything is fine on their end. You can file a complaint to replace the device if nothing seems to work.

How Do I Fix my Asus Router Problem?

We have a bunch of troubleshooters that could work to resolve standard issues related to your router. Also, you can factory reset, check connection cables, and get wired connections for getting internet. The best method is to consult a technician and look for any hardware or software damage.

Why Asus Router Keep Disconnecting?

If the device faces technical issues and can’t connect to the Asus router, it could have several issues. Anything could go wrong in the software or hardware segment of the device. Also, it would help if you upgraded the adapters and router configurations to start using the internet services.

How Do I Reset Asus Router?

Hard reset is a global solution for any possible issue with your router. Users can initiate the reset procedure by pressing the reset button at the backside of their Asus router. It will only take around a minute until the router is back online. However, it would help if you had a pin or paperclip to poke inside the hole.


We hope our guide on solving the Asus router not connecting issue answers all your queries. The methods and troubleshooters are most likely to enhance the output network of the device. Further, you can look for optimal solutions in the user’s manual that you get in the box. Once you try out everything from your end, it’s now time to consult an expert. You can either contact Asus Support Service or get a local technician to look into the matter.

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