Regarding having high-speed Internet, routers are the most suitable devices for the job. There is no doubt in the fact that Arris is one of the leading manufacturers of various telecommunication devices. Moreover, their routers are pretty sustainable and provide the best online experience. Therefore, many customers are switching to the Arris TG1672G router in their homes and offices.

It is common to see beginners struggling in the logging process of their respective routers. Keeping this in mind, we bring you this complete login guide with all the major and minor details. You will learn about the steps to log in and learn how to reset your router. Hence, it will allow you to log into the device and access the settings panel successfully. Read every section of the guide and try not to miss any crucial information.

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What Is Arris TG1672G Router?

Before moving with the login procedure, it is mandatory to have basic knowledge about your router. The Arris TG1672G is a wireless router with a DOCSIS 3.0 Dual Band gateway for faster network speed. Also, it is compatible with major operating systems like Mac and Windows. You can connect several devices simultaneously and experience online surfing without any lag. Thus, it suits large office buildings with large networks and more users.

arris tg1672g

However, you must log into the device to configure various details before using it. This process requires no prior technical knowledge; anyone can quickly complete it. In the next section, you will need vital information, like the IP address.

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The IP address of the Arris TG1672 Router

It must have a unique IP address code if you want to connect any device through the network. The Arris router must open the device’s login page. Users can look for the router’s IP address or Default Gateway in the manual. Although manufacturers tend to upload it on the official web page, you can get it there.

arris tg1672g login ip

We recommend using as the router’s default IP address to simplify things. It is not 100% accurate as some models may have a different IP address. Therefore, you must check for the same before proceeding further. A wrong IP address will not give you access to the login page.

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Steps To Log Into The Arris TG1672G Router

Once you have the device’s IP address, it’s time to open the login page on your computer. It is better to avoid using a mobile or tablet as a PC will be more effective in setting up the device. Ensure you are in the router’s range and connect it with the system. Both wireless and wired connections can work depending on the user’s preference. Don’t forget to turn on the router.

Step 1

The first step is to open an internet browser on the connected PC or laptop. Using renowned software like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Tor, etc is better.

open a browser

Step 2

Click on the search bar and type in the accurate IP address of the router, like However; you can change it if your router has some other configurations.

wnter ip address

Step 3

Press the Enter button, and the login page will appear on the screen. If you encounter an error, try using another internet browser. Also, cross-examine the accuracy of the IP address that you are using.

login box

Step 4

Once the login page is loaded, you must provide administrator credentials, like the username and password. Further, it is case-sensitive information. Thus you must ensure the caps lock is off.

login box 1

Finally, click on the login button at the bottom of your screen. You will get access to the settings panel if all the details are correct.

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How To Reset The Router?

There must be a technical glitch if you have some issues while logging into the Arris TG1672G router. Also, a logging error appears when you are not sure about the correct username and passcode of the device. Well, a factory reset is the easiest way to remove any potential errors regarding the router. But it should be your last option, as it will delete all the data present on the router. Therefore, you won’t be able to retrieve anything later. Hence, the steps for a factory reset are as follows,

Step 1

Find the hard reset button, which is present on the side panel of the router. Some devices may have it on the bottom for security reasons.

hitron cgnm 2250 reset

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Step 2

Bring a small toothpick or needle to push the button. Also, do this maneuver carefully as you don’t want to break the switch.

insert a pin to push the button

Step 3

The lights will start flicking on the router, meaning you have completed the hard reset. It may take a few seconds until you can use the device.

keep pressing the restart button

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Default Credentials

Here are some common usernames and passwords that will work after the reset.

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- user

Password- (blank)

  • Username- user

Password- user

These are pretty effective, but you should refer to the user manual for the exact combination.

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e hope this Arris TG1672G router guide was informational for you, especially regarding the logging steps. Moreover, you can contact the Support Service of Arris for more details regarding the router’s functioning.

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