If you are on this page, it means there are some potential issues with your Arris router like arris router wifi not working that you want to eliminate. Well, don’t worry as you are not the first person to face problems related to the router or WiFi modem.

fix arris router wifi not working with this simple guide
Fix Arris Router WiFi Not Working With This Simple Guide

It is pretty challenging to stay even a day away from your social media accounts. There is no doubt that you must know some common troubleshooters to keep yourself online. Today, we help you fix Arris router WiFi not working problem with practical solutions. This guide consists of various details to help you overcome any common problem while accessing the internet. Make sure to try every method as eventually, one of them will work for you.

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How to Fix Arris Modem WiFi?

Internet is one of the significant technological breakthroughs that help us connect with one another. Many of you are constantly submitting assignments or office projects through online portals. If your Arris router is not responding, it requires immediate action to restore the network. You can try to re log in or follow the mentioned troubleshooters for the same,

Method #1 Restart the Router

If your Arris router not broadcasting WiFi for some reason, you must restart the modem. You only need to unplug the power supply of the WiFi that is connected with the primary modem. Once the router is normal, you can plug it back in. This method is effective when the device heats due to excessive usage.

restart the router
restart the router

Moreover, some routers have a safety feature that shuts down the power for safety. Rebooting will also refresh any malfunction that might be causing the trouble. Hence, if your Arris router 2.4 GHz not working, this trick might be helpful.

Additionally, we also have a guide on how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi and changing your wifi on the Feit Electric app in case you have upgraded your router and want to reconnect your smart devices.

Method #2 Automatic Troubleshooter

The best part about having an Arris router is its built-in troubleshooter program. This feature helps the user to locate any software hazard with the device. Also, you can differentiate between local and hardware issues accordingly. The troubleshooter wizard will also provide a suitable solution to counter the malfunction.

automatic troubleshooter
automatic troubleshooter

You can access the troubleshooter by clicking on the Network menu from the Taskbar. Once you initiate the process, it will take time to provide the final report.

Method #3 Factory Reset the Router

It’s not what you think we did in the first troubleshooter for the Arris Router WiFi not working issue. The only difference is that you will be cleaning the entire database along with any customer information. In other words, every setting will change back to its default configurations. Hence, the router will install new drivers and get back the signal. The steps to reset your router is,

factory reset the router
factory reset the router

1. Find the hard reset button that is present on the back panel of the device

2. Grab a pin or toothpick to poke inside the small hole.

3. Press and keep holding it for at least 30 seconds. Ensure you are not putting excess pressure as it will break the router.

4. The front lights will start blinking, and your router is now ready to be used.

Method #4 Check Power Supply

Many users don’t check the router’s internal wiring and power supply when the device shuts down. Therefore, you should regularly check on the power supply. It is essential to note that the failed power supply could stop the functioning of your router.

arris router wifi not working
arris router wifi not working

Also, you have to replace the power cable if it is broken or has some irregularities. The loose connections can create issues within the internal wires and cables.

Method #5 Replacing Router

The final solution to any situation where the Arris router won’t enable wireless network is to replace the device. However, you have to resolve the issues without purchasing a new router.

replace the router
replace the router

Customers can also contact a technician for the repair and service of the router. It will improve the connection speed and help you resolve any network problem. Arris routers are cost-effective an


We have already covered most of the things in this guide. If you still have some doubts, here are some FAQs answered by our experts. You must be having the same questions when Arris router settings greyed out.

Why Is My WiFi Suddenly Not Working?

If you face a similar issue, restarting the modem is the best alternate solution. You need to plug out the power cable and put it back after a couple of minutes. Also, ensure that the power cord is not broken or damaged.

Why Is My Router Not Sending WiFi?

Sometimes, it’s an error from the backend network that comes from your internet service provider. The best way is to reset the device or contact the Support Service for additional assistance.

How Long Does an Arris Modem Last?

The entire active life of an Arris Modem depends on your usage and maintenance of the device. However, the manufacturers claim that the modem will last anywhere from 3-5 years under standard conditions.


Arris router doesn’t get out of control until you take good care of it. We hope our guide will help you overcome the Arris router WiFi not working issue. Make sure to switch off the modem and WiFi when not in use. This increases the overall life expectancy of your router and provides a stable connection.

If you find any external hardware damage, contact the Arris Support Service. The team will give you professional assistance and provide repair accordingly. You can also file for a replacement for router models under the warranty period.

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