The AirOS default login process is described in the user-friendly manual. However, if you prefer not to refer to the manual, a comprehensive AirOS default login guide is provided. This article explains the concept of AirOS, Ubiquiti AirOS, and the process to complete the login. It also addresses any doubts or queries.

airos router

Ubiquiti is an American technology company that sells various wired and wireless data communication products. One of them is AirRouter AirOS. It provides terrific internet speed making your overall internet suffering experience smooth. One must complete the AirOS default login guide to enjoy these great internet speeds.

The digitalization era is driving a surge in demand for sustainable internet connections across various sectors. To stay connected, it’s essential to have access to the internet and maintain progress. A router is a convenient method for establishing an internet connection, creating a range of networks. Air OS Routers are among the best available, offering stable internet connections for official use. However, many users are unaware of the correct procedure to log in to their routers and lack common steps for troubleshooting and resetting. This guide aims to help users navigate Air OS router login and troubleshoot issues to ensure a smooth experience.

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All About The AirOS 

Before we learn about the Ubiquiti AirOS and AirOS default login procedure, we will first boggle our minds about “what is AirOS?” All M series products of Ubiquiti, that’s the majority of them, use version 5.6 of the AirOS operating system, and our Ubiquiti AirRouter also uses the AirOS operating system.

Ubiquiti is responsible for the mass production of these routers for public sale. Moreover, it is one of the world’s leading producers of electronic media devices. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality of their products, especially the routers.

air os router

Air OS is among the successful devices that are widely sold in every corner of the world. Also, you can use it for domestic as well as for official work in different sectors. You must only set up the Air OS login once on your system, and it will start working.

So, AirOS is an advanced operating system with robust wireless and routing features based on a very simple yet intuitive user interface.

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Unboxing The Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS

Before initiating the AirOS login procedure, we will unbox the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS.

  1. Your system must have the latest operating system installed, like Linux and button
  2. Ensure you have the latest web browser version like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  3. Your system should have a JAVA Runtime Environment of version 6 or above with the Airview utility.add airview in java
  4. After checking all the above boxes, unbox the Ubiquiti Air Router AirOS box.
  5. It should have a router modem, power adapter, ethernet cable, and a quick start guide with information about the IP address, AirOS default login, and AirOS default password.

airos router unboxing

Checking that everything is in the box, we will now set the Ubiquiti AirOS router.

Setting Up The Ubiquiti Air Router AirOS

It is time to complete the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS installation and the login guide of Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS.

  1. First, connect the power cable to the power port on the router’s rear end and the other end to the power source.airos router ports
  2. Now insert the ethernet cable into your PC system and the other end of the line into the ethernet port. Choose a place with minimum electronic disturbances and a place where the least connectivity issues and all.connecting airos with ethernet

Yes! You have completed the setting up procedure of Ubiquiti Air router AirOS.

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How to Perform AirOS Default Login

It’s time to complete the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS login guide finally. Please keep your AirOS default password and login handy for a smooth login.

  1. Open the browser, type the IP address: and press enter.
  2. It will open the login window asking for the default login and default password.
  3. Enter ubnt as both the default login and default password.airos router login
  4. Click on the login button afterward to login into the router.

After completing the steps mentioned above, you will access the user interface and settings of Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS, where you can make any changes to the settings and store them too.

Air OS Default Password and Username

After the reset, the earlier username and password will not work for the device. Therefore, you require a new set of credentials. It is present in the user manual that you get along with the router. However, here is the same detail about the same,

Username- ubnt

Password- ubnt

How to Reset Air OS Router?

As mentioned in the previous section, you can comfortably log in using the credentials for the router. However, you might get some error about the wrong password. It is possible to forget the correct combination of the username and password. You need not panic as there is a simple solution to this problem. The users can reset the router, which will overwrite any additional data in the device. Further, you can use the default credentials to access your router after a reset. Therefore, the steps to manually factory reset your router are as follows,

Step 1

First, you need to find the hard reset button on the router itself; it is mainly located on the device’s backside.

restart modem

Step 2

Take a small pin or toothpick to push the button. You have to keep pressing it for at least 30 seconds. Also, ensure that the blue light on the router is blinking.

Once the hard reset is successful, you can connect the router again to your PC. Follow the same steps to log in using a web browser. Click here to see how to reset your Linksys Router.

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Steps To Take When AirOS Login Is Unsuccessful

Many users complain that even after following all steps to complete the AirOS login guide, they can still not log in to the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS router.

Id And Password

It might be possible that the default login and the default password for your Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS are different. In most cases, it’s ubnt, but it can sometimes be different.admin login

  1. ubnt       ubnt
  2. (blank)  (blank)
  3. admin    admin

Refer to the table and try these combinations of default login and default passwords.

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IP Address 

In some cases, the IP address can be wrong. It’s the same for every router but can be different for some. Entering the incorrect corresponding address for your router will inhibit your login process to the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS router.

Default IP Addressesenter ip address


Refer to these IP addresses if the IP address in the steps given above doesn’t work for you.

Factory Reset

If none of the above works, consider doing a factory reset. Turn down the modem and press the factory reset button. Disconnect the modem from the power source and wait for a while. Restart the open and again try to log in following the earlier steps.

modem adapter

If nothing works, there is something wrong with your modem, and you should immediately contact the technical support team of Ubiquiti.

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How do I access my AirOS?

For accessing your AirOS, you must have to complete the login procedure of the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS router. After the login process, go to the configuration settings, and from there, you can access your AirOS settings and configure them.

What are the default login and password for my Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS?

The default login and the default password for the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS are ubnt.

What is the default IP address for the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS?

The default IP address for the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS is:192.168. 1.1

Conclusion (AirOS Default Login)

In this article, we went into detail to explore what AirOS is. Then we discuss the unboxing and setting up procedure of the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS router. After this, we looked in the AirOS default login and design and successfully accessed the user interface and settings of Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS. The process to complete the Ubiquiti AirRouter AirOS login guide is very easy to follow, and anyone can quickly achieve it.

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