A3000 Login | Complete Step-By-Step Router Login Guide  

To enjoy your Addon Magic a3000 default router’s fast internet speed, one has to complete the a3000 login. You can quickly complete your router a3000 login following their easy manual, which is why the guide to a3000 login isn’t available online.

But not so, techy savvy users of a3000 routers still experience difficulty logging in to the router. So, we present “a3000 login-Complete router login guide” to their relief.

This article is about completing your router a3000 login on the www portal webpage using the index to login. I will end this discussion of ours by resolving some queries and doubts regarding router a3000 login that will come up in your mind.

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Addon a3000 offers incredibly fast internet speed. The user manual of Addon a300 is also really easy to comprehend, and the process of completing the a3000 login is also very user-friendly.

To avail of the fast internet speed of Addon a3000, one first has to complete the a3000 login procedure. But before completing the a3000 login procedure, we will first unbox the a3000.

Unboxing The A3000 Router

First, we will unbox the a3000 router before starting the a3000 login router guide.

  1. Unbox the a3000 router box.
  2. Check for the a3000 modem; it should have an antenna stuck to it upright, to the rightmost, and the number of ports. The antenna is unremovable. 
  3. Check for ethernet cable and the necessary wirings. 

If you have checked the above boxes, we are ready to go forward with our a3000 login router complete guide.

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Setting Up An A3000 Router

Now, we will set up the a3000 router to finally begin the a3000 login router guide.

  1. Choose a nice place to set up your a3000 router, where there are minimal electronic and other disturbances
  2. After choosing a place, insert the ethernet cable into one of the ports and the other end of the cable into the system.
  3. Connect the power cable with the power source and turn the power source on.

You have successfully set up the a3000 router. Setting up the a3000 router is comparatively easier than other routers.

 Router A3000 Login

We will begin with router a3000 complete login guide. Before that, look at the modem’s sticker or in the manual, note down separately the username, default IP address, and password; it will come in handy when you log into the router a3000.

  1. Open the latest version of any web browser, for example, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Type the default IP address in the search bar.addon magic a3000 router login
  3. An HTTP portal directing you to log to index will open up using your username and password, which I expect you had jolted down separately earlier from the modem’s sticker.
  4. Fill up the username and the password and click on the login button.

After filling in all the details, this will direct you to the router a3000 control panel and where you can successfully add any changes to the router and store these changes too.

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If The Login Credential Fails

Sometimes, even after following the steps above correctly, you cannot log into the router a3000. One of the possible reasons for this is that you may be entering the wrong username and password.admin login

You can try and test some standard usernames and passwords. 

Username- admin     admin       admin

Password- 1234       (blank)      admin

You can check out some of the commonly used default IP address lists from ipaddress/list if you have lost your default IP address.If none of the ways mentioned above works, you can try a factory reset.

For factory reset, disconnect the modem from the power source and disconnect the ethernet cable. Now, assemble the whole setup again following the steps mentioned above and try to log in to router a3000.

If you still cannot complete the router a3000 login guide, you should immediately contact the technical support care team of a3000 router services to fix the problem.

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What to do if I cannot complete an a3000 login, even after completing the abovementioned steps?

You might have entered the wrong username and password. Check the username and password you have entered. Even after rechecking the username and password, if it's still showing an error, try doing the factory reset. For the factory reset, turn off the a3000 from the main power. After a while, again turn on the main power and try logging in by following the above steps. If nothing works, immediately contact the technical support team of Addon.

I accidentally lost my username and password; what to do now?

You can try some tried and tested usernames and passwords, which I have mentioned above. If that works great, otherwise try recalling your username and password. If you can’t recall, contact the technical support team of Addon and seek their help. Without a username and password, you can’t complete the a3000 login guide.

After logging into router a3000, how can I connect to router a3000 to avail fast internet speed?

You can follow these steps: Connect the modem to a power source and start the router a3000. Open the settings of your device, and from there, Wi-Fi settings. The name of your a3000 router modem will be visible there. Tap on the device name. After authenticating your device(mobile/computer), it will automatically connect to the router a3000, and you can enjoy the great internet speed on your connected device.


In this article, we discuss router a3000 -a complete login guide. First, we unboxed the router a3000 box. After this, we assemble the whole setup of router a3000. After assembling and setting up the router a3000, we discuss the procedure to log into the a3000 router through the HTTPS portal.

The steps are easy to follow. Also, the process of logging into router a3000 is more straightforward when compared to other router login procedures. Even without much knowledge of technology, one can easily set up this router without any difficulty. 

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