All of us have been at home during the outbreak of the coronavirus. There have been tremendous changes in all of our lives as a result of the lockdown. Such as, students have been attending online classes. Entrepreneurs have adapted to e-commerce. Court proceedings are happening on a video conference. Basically, most institutions have switched to e-mode of operation. This has brought an increase in the usage of the internet. Many choose to get a router, and among all types of routers, a router with configuration is quite common. 

In order to attend classes, court proceedings, and run the business, people have started purchasing routers and modems. The wifi network generated by this is more stable than the mobile data hotspot. Also, the Mbps provided is higher than that offered by a mobile data company. 

The type of router can be found in the manual that you have received with it. List of common configurations such as,, goes on.

It is vital that you know at least the basics of your router. This is vital so that you can easily explain if you are facing any problems. You can even go through the statistics of your wifi network when you feel like an additional bonus.

In an extremely user-friendly way, we have put forward to you the basics of the modem. Just relax, and read on.

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How To Log In IP Address?

You need to log into the network settings first. You can do this by typing in the search address bar. After you do this, you can see a window where you will have to enter the router’s username and password.

Your technician must have told you about this. All you must do is enter the same credentials here. This is if you have a customized credential set.

In case no methods work, you should not get paranoid. There are still ways that will help you to get into the network settings. You can also maximize home network security and monitor home network. Continue reading to find out!

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What To Do To Get Forgotten Username And Password?

Indeed, it becomes frustrating when you cannot connect to your wifi network. However, it is not impossible. Just follow these steps mentioned below. Note that you should follow the steps the way they are. Do not change the order, nor skip any step.

There is a possibility that your credentials might be on the router itself. Check for a sticker on the body of the router. It might be at the back of the router or below the router.

You can also check for the credentials in the manual that you received. It might take a little time and might be tedious, but why miss out on a chance?

Sometimes, the user ID and password of the modem can be found on the official website too! Just type the name of the router, and you will get the official site. Then, you can easily find the username and password.

Router back
router back

If you still are facing issues, it is time that you take up the ultimate solution – the resetting of your modem. This can easily be tendered by following the steps that follow: 

You first need to locate a small button at the back of the router. This button cannot be pressed with your fingers – you might need to use a paperclip or the back of the toothpick. Do not use any poky object, or else the button will get damaged.

Once you locate the button, you need to hold-press it until the power light goes off. Hold it until it turns back on. You have successfully reset your router to its factory default settings. You might want to seek help from your technician for this.

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Routers That Use a Configuration

It is important that you know the popular brands of routers that use this configuration. Here is a list of the common ones:

  • Tecom
  • AirVast
  • CNet
  • Procomp
  • Unex
  • Advantek Networks
  • X-Micro

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Finally, you have reached the bottom of the brief introduction of the router basis. You can proudly say that you have enough knowledge to get into your network settings, and you also know how to access the statistics of your modem. If you have read the methods properly, you already know that most methods can be done at home itself. Although, it is necessary for you to comprehend that you should not directly reset your router due to panic. Make sure that you follow the prescribed procedure. If none of the methods help you, then you can proceed to reset your router.

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One additional thing is that you must not directly reset your router on your own. It is strongly advised that you ask a professional technician for help. Of course, you might feel that the resetting is easy, and you can do it independently. But, there is a chance that you might cause irreparable damage to the modem. Therefore, it is better that you invest some money in hiring some professional for the job, or else, you might have to encounter twice or thrice the amount of damage.

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See Also: Admin Login, Username & Password

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