IP address is simply the default IP address of your respective wireless router. A newly manufactured router can have a variety of different IP addresses, one of them being This IP and other such IP addresses for routers are also called ‘Default Gateway IP.’ So if you are looking to access your router’s admin panel, then knowing its IP address is essential. The majority of home router owners do not partake in its setting up process, rendering them clueless about making changes within the router’s settings. You’ve most likely ended up here searching for a way to make changes within your router’s settings. If you have, then you have come to the right place! 

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How to Log in to IP address?

Before you start making any changes to your Wi-Fi settings, you must be able to login to the router’s admin panel. This is a relatively simple process. Insert ‘’ into the search bar, click on ‘Enter.’ login login

This will direct you to a login page. If your page takes excessively long to respond or shows an error, then this address is not your router’s IP address. Search up the right IP address from the manufacturer’s website or look through the user manual and guide that came with your router. login login

Some other method to find out your router’s IP address is to make use of the command prompt on your PC. If you are utilizing a Windows PC, then input ‘ipconfig /all.’ Press’ enter’ and you will find data related to all networks that have been linked to your PC. You will find the IP address of your router over here. You can follow a similar procedure on a Mac, but instead of inputting the code mentioned above into the terminal, put ‘ifconfig en1’. Press ‘Enter’ and the required information will come up on the terminal. Finally, if you have got your router’s credentials modified in the past and forgotten them, you will require carrying out a factory reset of the device.

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What to Do if You Forget Router’s Username and Password?

Forgetting your router’s username and passkey can seem like a big issue; nonetheless, it is an easy one to fix and doesn’t require a lot of time. However, it is advisable to take the aide of someone well versed with routers to perform the following set of tasks.

To get access to your router’s admin panel and reset your router’s username and passkey, you must perform a factory reset of the device. To do so, hold down on the button at the back of your router for approximately 20 seconds. If the switch is in a hole, then use a toothpick to hold it down. reset reset

This will reset your router completely, just as it had been when manufactured. It is essential to keep in mind here that you will lose your online connection once you do a reset of your router.

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With the reset done, all you need to do is log in again and put in the default credentials associated with IP address Here is a list of credentials that have worked out for most people-

  • Username- admin

Password- Motorola

  • Username- cablecom

Password- router

If these don’t work for you, then research your router’s details for the same. Now that you have access to your router’s settings, it is always better to change the username and password to something more personalized and easy to remember. Additionally, take the time to optimize your network at your convenience.

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How to Troubleshoot Router Errors?

To troubleshoot and router related errors, refer to the following points –

Wi-Fi Stopped Working

If the issue is related to your Wi-Fi connection breaking midway. All you have to do is unplug and re-plug your router after a couple of minutes. 90% of all router related issues have been solved by doing so. This also increases the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi’s Connection Breaks Occasionally

If your Wi-Fi connection breaks and often reconnects again, then this could be an issue caused due to overheating. Ensure that your router is well  ventilation and the problem will rectify.

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Wi-Fi Not Connecting To Your PC

The best solution for this issue is to go to settings, then ‘Network and Internet Settings,’ then click on ‘Forget this network.’ Try reconnecting again by putting in the Wi-Fi network’s password. This should fix the problem.

If it is a hardware issue, have your router checked out by a technician to further assist with the problem.

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List of Popular Router Brands Using as Login IP

Since is a default IP address, it can be used by different companies. It can vary depending on the model and version of the router. There is no doubt in the fact that there are various router manufacturers that use as their default gateway. Moreover, it is common to see this IP address in private servers with several host devices. Thus, it is an obvious choice for large buildings such as schools, officers, etc. Also, you should be aware of the exact details about the IP address of the router.

ip address
IP Address

You can easily locate it on the back panel of the device itself. Moreover, it is present on the box and even the user manual that comes along with the router. However, here are some common manufacturers that use IP address,

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With this vital information in your pocket, you need not spend money on a technician to deal with router related issues. As most router problems are fundamental and require an easy solution, it is best to try fixing them yourself. However, do keep in mind that sometimes the error may not lie within your router. It could be related to your ISP provider too. It is always best to check all possible reasons and solutions concerning fixing your router before making a new purchase.

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