Routers play an essential role in providing us a stable network connection for our laptops and mobiles. Many users don’t know that these devices also work on a unique identity number called IP Address. Therefore, you must learn about its use and other benefits that it develops in the router. Today, we will discuss everything about the IP Address and how you can log in using it. This will help you during the following logging procedure at your office or home.

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What Is The Use of IP Address?

You must have heard the term IP Address several times before but were not aware of the correct meaning. So, we will begin our journey of IP Address by learning about its functions. First, a device needs to establish a secure online connection to communicate. Next, IP Address or the default gateway is a series of numbers that combine to generate a unique sequence. This is used to share critical data and information through the network.

Moreover, the IP address enables the user to log into the router and proceed with additional settings. Further, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance of the internet connection. Sometimes, regular users tend to change administrator configurations and make the device more effective.

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Routers Having IP Address As Default

There is no doubt that every router needs an IP address to function correctly and provide a stable connection. However, it is essential that you should be aware of the correct default gateway. If you are not sure about it, this information is available on the manufacturer’s online portal. Also, ensure that you refer to the user manual as well to know about additional details. Finally, we bring you some of the standard routers that use as their default IP.

  • Netcomm MyZone- 3G24W


  • Belkin

Belkin Router

tp link extender reset

These router brands are just for reference, and they might have a different IP. Hence, you should cross-check these details with the latest information.

How To Login With IP Address?

It is now time to explain the steps that you require for logging into the router. It is common to observe that people are not able to proceed with the login process. Also, there are some potential issues that you might need to fix. Hence, you require the correct procedure to log in to the IP address. Further, it would help if you were sure that the router works at the same address. Hence, a single mistake in the numbering will make the login process crash. To know about Admin Login, Username And Password, click here.

Step 1

The first step is to connect a laptop or PC with the router using as its default IP address.

what is my ip

Step 2

The PC must have a working internet browser. You can use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and some others.


Step 3

Tap on the search bar and type in the dialog box given there. Then, hit Enter on the keyboard and wait for some time.

ip address

Step 4

The login page of the router will open on the screen that will ask for user credentials. Now, fill in the credentials, such as the username and password, in the space provided.

admin login


Finally, press the Login button, and you will get into the router’s settings panel. This will give access to all the components of the router accordingly.

Note– If you face any problem, you should switch to another web browser. Also, make sure to cross-check the login credentials. Otherwise, you need to reset the router that will delete any changed password of the device.

How To Reset The Router Credentials?

You might be thinking about the need to reset the router, as it will be pretty hectic to reschedule the settings. However, you might require the device to reset in case you forget the login password. The hard reset or factory reset means to erase all the previous data present on the device. Therefore, you will restore the default username and password, and you can access the IP Address. Don’t forget to create a backup of essential data, as you will lose it during the process. The steps for the same are

Step 1

Locate the hard reset button present on the router that looks similar to a black dot.

Step 2

Next, take a small pin and press the button to start the process. Also, you have to keep pushing it for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Step 3

Finally, you will hear a beep sound along with the flickering of lights. This is the signal that the router is reset, and you can use the default credentials.

router reset

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Default Username and Password for IP Address

We hope that you are done with the resetting procedure mentioned above. Now, any previous credentials will not work for the device. It is mandatory to have information about the default username and password. Most of the time, users can find these details printed on the label on the device itself. You can also see the user manual or the official website of the manufacturer. Otherwise, here are some commonly used default credentials for the router

admin login

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- user

Password- (blank)

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These were some necessary steps and procedures that will give you better knowledge about the IP Address. Further, you can consult technical experts for any potential problem with the device.

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