There is no doubt in the fact that many people are using routers for a stable internet network. Moreover, with the increase in demand for internet services, people are switching to WiFi connections. This is the reason that you are looking at how to log in to the IP Address. Thus, we are here to help you in the same by providing the correct methods.

Further, resetting the router can prove to be more useful to restore all the default configurations. This guide comprises all the information that you need for logging the IP Address. Therefore, make sure to follow all the steps while avoiding any potential threat to private information.

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What Is IP Address?

This is the most important section of the guide, where you will learn about the basic idea behind an IP address. Most of you are already aware that every online device needs a specific gateway to connect with other devices. Similarly, IP Address is used to refer to private router networks while establishing an internet connection. It is also referred to as the default gateway of any router model. Moreover, users also require an IP address during the logging process.


Hence, you must know about the same. There are many combinations of IP addresses, and your router would be using one of them. However, more than one router from the same manufacturer might have the same default gateway. You can find the related information in the user manual or the label stuck on the device.

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Routers Using IP Address

As mentioned earlier, several routers in the market have specific IP addresses for better recognition. Further, a wrong default gateway will not let you log inaccurately to make changes. Therefore, you should make sure that your device is using the IP Address regarding this guide. To make things easier, we have also included some common routers that work on the same IP.


  • Fortinet FortiGate- 60B
  • Fortinet FortiWiFi- 60C
  • Fortinet FortiGate- 50B
  • Fortinet FortiGate- 60C
  • Linksys WVC 200

These are only for reference, and other models probably could have the same IP address. Make sure to check it on the manufacturer’s official portal and other trustful online sources. To know how to do home network monitoring, click here.

How To Login IP Address?

We assume that you are now fully confident about the basic concept of the IP Address. The next thing you should know is the correct procedure to log in using various credentials. This is where the major role of IP addresses comes into play. Moreover, you can perform various changes at the administrator level in the device. This will not only improve the internet speed but also enhance the overall experience. Thus, the correct procedure along with the steps is,

  • First, you must connect the router with a working PC or laptop. Also, the device should have an internet browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc.


  • Turn on the PC and open the browser, followed by pasting in the search bar.ip address
  • Click Enter and wait for the login page to appear. In case you see an error, try switching the web browser or restart the device.


  • Once the login page opens, you will have to fill in the login details such as username and password. These details are known to the administrator, who can change them accordingly.admin loginFinally, click on the Login at the bottom, and it will direct you to the router’s settings panel. Thus, you have access to various settings and other components of the software.

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What If I Forget The User Credentials?

This is a common query for new users who are not aware of the password and username of the router while logging in using the IP address. Also, there are chances that you change it in the past and don’t remember now while logging in. Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can easily reset the details of the device. The process is known as Factory reset of the Hard reset in technical terms. However, this will remove all the existing data saved on the router, including the settings. Hence, you will restore the router to the default configurations with the default username and password. The steps for the same are

  • The factory reset is conducted through a small button that is present on the device itself. It looks like a black dot with a small hole.router reset
  • Next, take a pin or toothpick and put it inside to press the button for at least 30 seconds.
  • You will hear a beep sound, and the lights on the router will start flashing. This indicates that the reset procedure is complete.
  • Now, you can connect the router with your computer and log in using the default username and password of the IP address.

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Default Credentials For IP Address

Every router has a different set of credentials that work after the factory reset is finished. Moreover, they provide this information in the user manual along with the device. However, you can refer to the following commonly used default password and usernames:


  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- admin

Password- blank

  • Username- user

Password- user4


We hope that you can now easily conduct the IP Address Admin login using the details. Also, you can contact the customer care of the respective manufacturers of the router. They will assist you in any major problem with the connection or the device itself.

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