You’ve come to the right place if you keep hearing the word IP address around you and do not know what it means. An IP address is almost like your passport to use the Internet, and most people have no clue what it is. To put it, the IP address is your computer’s network address to the Internet knows where to send your documents and files. Routers are devices that help to connect multiple other devices over a network. In this article, we will discuss one such IP Address, that is

NOTE: – Always type the correct IP address in your browser, i.e., “” Most of the time, we end up typing the wrong IP, such as 192.168.l.102, 192.168.l0.2, 192.168.102, 192.168.l.l02, 

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You can easily communicate through a router with the Internet and other systems. Every device on said networks has a unique identifier address which is their IP address. IP addresses have the power of allowing literally a billion devices to connect and using the Internet, one can pinpoint from other devices. In the same way, you need a mailing address to receive parcels or letters, a remote computer will need an IP address to communicate with your computer. Your laptop uses DNS servers to search a hostname and its IP address.


There are different types of IP addresses for other circumstances. Over here, we’ll focus on private and public IP addresses. So personal addresses are used ‘inside’ one network; they provide a way for your devices to communicate with your router. They can be set manually or automatically by the router. Public IP addresses are outside the network and are assigned by your Internet Service Provider. It’s the address that helps the network to communicate with other devices around the globe.

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About IP Address

Every website, whether Google, Yahoo, or Amazon, has unique IP addresses, but we know them by their names instead. Because numbers would be difficult to remember and easy to mix up, we gave each IP address. It’s easier to remember website names like instead of, let’s say, IP Address

The format of a general internet protocol address is a 32-bit address which consists of a series of four separate parts of numbers. Each number can go from 0 to 255. On isolated networks, IP addresses can be generated and assigned randomly as long as each is unique. Still, the Internet requires registered IP addresses on a private network to avoid duplicates.

If you want to know your IP address, you can use the ‘ipconfig’ command line tool. This command helps display all the current network settings. To open a command prompt, simultaneously press the Windows key and the ‘R’ button. A dialogue box will appear; enter ‘cmd’ in it, and it should display the command prompt. Type ‘ipconfig’ and press Enter. You could also Google “What is my IP address” and get your results because what can’t Google do?

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Login into IP

The IP address is part of a private network by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). It is not for one specific organization; anybody can use it with or without authority. Since it is a private network address, it cannot be sent through the public Internet, and one has to use a proxy server.

login to

Connecting to database.

It is unique because only devices belonging to the specific network system can be connected to it. Routers, modems, and other devices use this address. Enough techie terms, though, right?

Simple steps to log in to

Follow these steps thoroughly to log in to and establish a private network!

  1. Open your web
  2. Click on ‘Access Router Panel’ to access the address. A page will open; enter your username and password.
  3. Now, you’ll redirect to the admin page, where you can begin configuring your device.internet connection and the network nameYou can change the internet connection type and your device’s name or add new tools. You can also experiment with bandwidth and transmission rate and monitor other devices connected to the router.

Tip- Change the default username and password to avoid security issues

Sometimes users might find difficulty in logging into the admin panel because of connection issues, signal drop-offs, or firmware glitches. Some way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by ensuring you have a strong Ethernet cable connection. If the problem persists, reset your router or try Troubleshooting. Make sure the quality of the cable you use is in good condition and whether or not the LED lights are active or not.

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Finding your IP Address

find is one of the most popular IP Addresses. To know your IP Address, you can look for your router model on the web and find out. Another method is quite easy. You can go through the user’s guide given to you by the provider and explore. However, if these methods don’t work out, we have another useful strategy to help you uncover your IP Address.

For Windows users:

  1. Search for the Network option on your device and click on it.Network settings
  2. This will direct you toward an Ethernet network page.Ethernet page
  3. Now, you’ll find a variety of numbers displayed on your screen. Don’t get confused. The number beside the column “Ipv4 Address” is your IP Address.

Ipv4 address(Windows)

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For Mac Users:

  1. Click on the Apple menu present on your device’s
  2. Here you’ll find a variety of options and preferences. Just click on the “tilted system preferences” button.System Preferences
  3. Once you have done that, you’ll be directed to the next step. Know the network you use for accessing the web and surfing. Click on that desired network.Desired Wifi network
  4. This will open up a page displaying information about your network, its type, and other data. But the number beside the “Ipv4 address” column is the IP Address you’ve been searching for.

Ipv4 address(Mac)

Seldom users cannot correspond to their IP Addresses with the routers, even after making all these efforts. In that case, you must inspect if anybody else hasn’t changed the IP address in your absence.

resetting method

However, you can reboot your router and obtain the default selections to fix this issue. Please note that this “factory reset” method resets your router to its original settings but alters everything else.

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Troubleshoot Router Issues

Generally, routing companies assign all routers with a default username and password, so all routers have these details, but you can change it if you want.

Users should change the router information so they can avoid security complications in the future. Usually, login information is provided at the bottom or the back of your router. Just follow these simple steps to change your username and password.

Open your browser. Enter the IP address in the browser URL bar. Then enter the default username and password and log in. login

You can now change your username and password. After setting all the appropriate fields, don’t forget to click ‘Apply.’ Using these easy ways, you have managed to change your router information, and the next time, you log in with your new, personalized username and password.

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What is an IP address?

The IP address is the name that specifies the network. Each network has different IP addresses depending upon their mode of operation. One IP address is a search for a single network only.

How do I know the IP address of my network?

Go to the command prompt of your device and enter cmp. To know the connections on your device, you can give the command 'ifconfig,' then enter. You will have your result on the output window.

What kind of IP address is

It is a private network, but anyone can access it online.

How do I login into

Go to the official website of, then go to 'Access Router Panel,' which redirects you to a page where you should enter the username and password. Now press OK.


All in all, IP addresses are unique addresses that allow you to communicate within a network. is a private class IP address. Thus, you can’t connect to the network from outside your house. You can use this IP address in your LAN. To ensure a smooth connection and that you can quickly send and receive data over a network, it is essential to log in to the admin panel and play with the settings. Remember, never disclose personal information!

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