The Internet is considered the soul of every modern process in the community. No matter what you are doing, you require a stable internet connection. Moreover, official cases require secure internet for the transfer of confidential data. Therefore, internet service providers look for better alternatives. Routers are more effective than the earlier time when the broadband connection was present.

Routers act as portable WiFi devices that can create various internet connections. Any laptop, mobile, or PC in that range can connect to the router. Hence, they can have the provision o an internet connection accordingly.

Well, it seems that many users are not aware of the working procedure of a router. Routers work with the help of a unique IP address to connect to the server. Further, there are around 18 million different IP addresses active right now. However, we will discuss the IP address today.

This helps the users to connect their devices to the router for internet compatibility. Also, this guide contains all the information regarding the steps to login into the router. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines to get the job done. Further, this login guide contains the default credentials for opening the settings panel If you want a complete ASUS Router port forwarding guide, click here.

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What is the IP Address?

You should be aware of the router’s default IP address at your home or office. This will help you to control the administrative settings and other aspects. Users can also change the password of the router for security reasons. In case the default gateway of the router is, it means this is a private server.


Although millions of IP combinations exist, some are private addresses. This is the reason that is used for providing a local connection. Moreover, several router manufacturers use this address for their devices. Hence, it is commonly used to serve the purpose. 

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Common Router with IP Address

Although you have the privilege to get the IP address of the router, still, the following brands use the IP address in their router. If your routers’ names are on the list, this guide will serve your purpose.

  • Netgear WG602V4
  • Netgear WG602V2
  • Netgear WG602V3
  • Netgear WG602V1

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How to Login Router?

This guide section contains the steps required for logging into the router. It is common to observe users not being able to set up the login process properly. Also, there are some potential issues that you might need to fix. Hence, you require the correct procedure to log in to the IP address. Further, it would be best to ensure that the router works at the same address. If there is a difference, even on a single digit, the method will not work.

Check the user manual if you are unsure about the router’s gateway. Also, you can look for the same written on the router device itself. After getting the things clear, follow these steps,

Step 1

First, link the PC with the router with the standard procedure. Now, open an internet browser like Opera or Chrome on the same system.


Step 2

Next, tap on the search bar present on the top side of the screen. Fill in the IP address, such as


Step 3

Further, click on Enter from the keyboard. The login page will occur if this IP matches the default IP address. In case an error pops up, try switching to a different browser.


Step 4

Then the user needs the correct username and password for the login process. Make sure that everything is right and the password should match with the database.

smc router login

Step 5

Finally, double-click the Login button and the settings page should open on the screen. If the password doesn’t match, we have a solution in the next section of the guide.

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How to Reset Password?

The most essential thing while logging into the router is the password. It is common for users to forget the correct password or username. If this happens, you won’t be able to get into the settings panel of the router. Hence, the only feasible way to tackle the situation is the Factory reset. Also, it will erase all the existing data, and the router will work like a new device. Thus, You can use the default username and password in the dialog boxes. Once you log in, change the password, and everything will work usually. Therefore, these steps will help you to reset the router,

Step 1

First, you must find a small reset button on the router’s back panel.

Step 2

Take a small pin or something similar to press the button. Put the pin inside the hole and press it for 30 seconds. reset

Step 3

The router should be blinking, which is a positive sign. If everything goes well, the router will establish a secure connection.

Step 4

Finally, follow the same steps to log in, and you can change the password in the settings of the IP address.

Most of the time, the default credentials are also written on the user manual. However, we have compiled some of the common passwords,

· Username- admin
Password- admin

· Username- admin
Password- (blank)

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We assure you that this guide for the IP address will be beneficial. You can always contact the Customer care center of the manufacturer for more details. Also you can ask for default credentials and other information as well.

See also: Admin Login, Username & Password


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