Most of us have a router at our home to connect to a WiFi network. Your WiFi setup might be working fine for you, but sometimes, this setup needs modification to optimize your network. To initiate these changes, you will have to access your router’s admin page using So what exactly is is a commonly used private IP address for different router models. This address is used to set up the router’s administrator page, which you will need to adjust your network settings. The computer devices connected to your router use this IP address to send data requests over the internet and obtain the relevant data through this address.  However, this IP address,, is not specific to a particular router. Many routers use as their private IP address because multiple brands use a limited set of private IP addresses for their routers. Then, how does this work?

Apart from your router, the other devices connected to your network also possess an Ip address like All your devices use this Ip address to communicate with each other. Other devices like printers or storage devices that work without an internet connection also have an Ip address that is used by computer devices to connect with them.  Usually, all these IP addresses are variations of your router’s IP address, with a distinct last number.

This article will explain the process of using to have your router’s admin access.

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Process for logging in to your router at 

You can log in to your router’s administration page in three easy steps.

  1. Firstly confirm that your router’s IP is Now, link your computer device to the router. You can do it via WiFi if using a laptop or mobile phone or you can use a network cable to connect to your desktop.
  2. After connecting your device, go to the web browser of your choice. Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are some popular web browsers. Now, enter your IP address, that is, into the address bar.
  3. You will land on the login panel of your router administration page. Insert the username and password linked to your router. You will find a menu on the router administration page.

How to acquire the UserID and Login Password of the Administrator Panel?

The default login details for accessing the admin page can be found on the base of your router. You can also obtain these details from the website of your router’s brand. In case you have made changes to the login details earlier and are unable to recollect them, you can always reset the factory settings of your router. Doing this will get back the default login details but lose the modifications done earlier. network

Whenever you want to change the username or password of your router administrator, you can do it in two simple steps:

  1. Access the admin page using your current username and password. Scroll through the menu and go to general settings. Now select the option indicating your router password. login
  2. Now change the password as per your desire and something secure and easy to remember. Never forget to save the details.

save setails

Using the general settings, you can similarly change the username.

Methods to reset the factory settings of your router using the IP address

After you have accessed the admin page of your route using as the login address, you can restore the factory settings of your router by these two methods:

You can restore factory settings on the router’s administration page

  1. First,  Log in to the router’s administration page using the login address by the process explained in the last section.
  2. Next, proceed to the administrator settings and tap on Advance. Then select Administration and click on Backup settings.
  3. From these settings, select the Revert to Factory Default Settings option. You will now find a dialog box asking if you certainly want to restore the factory settings. Press OK if you are sure, and the router will reboot instantly. Once the rebooting process is over, the router’s factory settings will be restored.

You can reset the factory settings using the Reset control on your router.

If you cannot recall your user ID and password, you can follow the process explained below:

First, locate the reset switch on your router. There are typically two types of switches provided on the router. A protruding switch can be pressed easily; however, if you find a small hole-like switch then you can use any pointed object to insert and press the switch.reset hole

Make sure the power indicator remains on during the process. Keep pressing the reset switch for about 10 seconds before releasing it. You will see that all the indicators turn off for a brief period of time before the router starts working again. This indicates that the factory settings have been restored on your router.

Note- Do not turn the power off while the router is undergoing the rest process, as it can harm the router’ hardware.

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How to convert your router’s IP address to

Although a very commonly used IP address, it might not be the same for your router. If you want to change your IP address to, first, you will need to find your current IP address. You can usually obtain the IP address by searching for your router model online, or you can find it in the router’s manual.

If you are unable to get the IP address from the above-mentioned sources, you can get them through your computer using these methods.

For Microsoft Windows:

Tap on the network symbol at the base of your screen. From the menu, select the WiFi network you prefer to use.ipv4 address windows

You will now find certain information, including IPv4, which will showcase a number similar to This is your IP address.

If you are using Mac OS X:

Unlock the Apple menu and tap on the system preferences option.

Now proceed to select your WiFi network. You will be able to view your IP address beside the word router.ip address mac

Your personal IP address can only be changed manually. If your router’s IP address is not similar to or any other default IP address, someone else possibly changed it earlier. In that case, if you desire to reset the IP address to, you can achieve this by factory resetting your router.

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How to alter my password for IP

Access the admin page using > Go to general settings > Select the option indicating router password > Enter your new password and press Save.

Can I change my WIFI password?

You can change your Wi-Fi password using your router's configuration options through an internet browser.

How to change the password for my TP-Link Router?

Log in to the administrator panel with the user ID and password. Both the default username and password for TP-Link are ‘admin’ in lowercase. Go to Management > select Access Control > click on Password, and insert the old password and new password > Press Save.

How do I reset my IP address, username, and password?

Insert the IP address in the search bar of your internet browser. > Insert the default username and password > Go to Settings > Tap on the option indicating router password > Insert new password > Press save.

How do I change my Wifi administrator name and password?

Type the Ip address of your router on the search bar of your web browser > Sign in using your outer’s username and password > Tap on Wireless > Enter the new name and address for your WiFi > Press Save or Apply.

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You can now access your router’s administrator panel using by following the procedures explained above. Once you have learned to access the admin panel, you can configure your router and WiFi network as you desire.

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