An IP is the set of rules or protocols each network must follow. And an IP address is an identification of the network you are using. To be very precise, it’s just like your home address only. The difference is instead of giving the location of where you live, it will give the location of your network. This IP is assigned to every device you use over a network. The routers have their IP.

About IP is a private IP address. It means that it can only be used on private networks. It can be the router’s IP address or any other device connected to that network. Due to this reason, the private IP address does not need to be unique except within the local network.

This address is used by Modems, routers, or any other devices connected to a network, and it includes IOT devices too. Some net gears that use this IP address are SerComm, USRobotics, etc.

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How to Login To

The process of login into is quite easy.

Connecting to database.

  1. Open your web
  2. Type in the search window, and it will redirect you to a page where it will ask you username or password. login
  3. After entering the username and password, your admin page will open. And you can configure your device. There are many parameters here with which you can experiment using this page. You can experiment with bandwidth and transmission rate as well as you can also monitor various devices connected to your router.bandwidth rateAnd the most important thing is to change the username and password of the IP address of your device to avoid any security risks.

Sometimes it can also happen that the manufacturer predefines no password or username. In that case, you have to configure the system on your own.

Just a quick reminder. Always type IP correctly because you can not access your settings if you get it wrong.

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How to Know Your Router’s IP

  1. Click the Windows button and open the search field on the right of the start button
  2. Type cmd there.cmd
  3. A window named command prompt will open up; in there, enter the command ifconfig.ipconfig command
  4. You will get a list of different addresses. There will be an IP address, Mac address, and Broadcasting address.list
  5. Router’s IP address will be listed under the section Local Area Network and identified as Default Gateway.

default gateway

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How to Change Password

If you want to change your password, it’s again a rather easy procedure.

  1. Open your administrative panel by entering your username and password at


2. Change your default settings and then apply.


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What If you forget your Username and Password

Now that’s the most critical question. What if you forget your username or password? It’s a bit complicated procedure, so pay close attention(And please try to remember your password if you can).

  1. First of all, one needs to turn off the router.turn off the router
  2. Now you have to make sure that you press and hold the reset button present somewhere on the rear panel of the router. You will need some fine things to do so, e.g., Needle, Pointed Pin, or a Compass. Now be very precise. Do not release the reset button and turn on the router. You must keep holding it for at least 5-10 seconds.hold on to router by needle
  3. Now you must release the button and wait for the device to reset. Now you must connect the router to a network using cable or Wi-Fi.


Doing this will configure your router to default factory settings, and you will lose all your pre-configured settings.

Make a note of some critical points:

  • Your Router should be powered on before it restarts completely.
  • First, try your default username and Password as admin.
  • And always check that the IP address of your computer should be the same as your router’s subnet. That means the subnet mask should be

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How to troubleshoot router errors?

Here are some of the ways through which you can troubleshoot router issues and access the router interface. Read them thoroughly to eradicate all these issues and set up your private network.

  •  Ensure the Ethernet cord is in a decent operating condition for wired networks. Fix all the loose connections, or else you won’t be able to connect to your router and access the admin panel.
  • People often try to establish a network with a router that isn’t compatible with their devices. Thus, we suggest you check whether your router is friendly with the device.
  • Often, when two or more devices use the same network, IP address conflicts occur, and none of them gets good internet speed. Make sure that the same is not taking place with you.
  • Ensure the power supply is on and the wifi strength is good enough to function correctly. Switch on LAN LED in case it’s switched off.
  • Researchers claim that vertical antennas render the most extensive coverage area. So, if your router’s antennas are kept horizontal, reposition them.
  • Go through the user’s manual provided to you by the service provider. Study it carefully to know about the directions for using the router.

Read the pointers with the utmost attention and ensure that you follow the instructions.

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What kind of IP address is is a private address and is not available by any public networks; it is generally for personal purposes.

What are the advantages of

In, you can try changing the transmission rate and bandwidth of the network, which many IP addresses do not provide.

How can I know what my IP address is?

Go to the command prompt of your device, give the command 'ifconfig' and press enter. All the details regarding the IP address will be displayed on the screen.

How can I change my password to

Log in to the official website and go to the administrator panel, where you will find an option to change the password.


This private network can be accessed only when you are a part of that network. That means you can only access it if your device is part of the subnet of that IP, unlike any public network. You can use this private IP address with the local system’s network. Make sure that you have put the proper IP address.

If you use the ping command for this IP address, you cannot do it unless you are a part of that network. Only if you are part of the network can you use the command.

You need a good network connection in your Offices or Houses if you want your network to work correctly. And if you want to configure the devices with Router, you need only to configure it using the admin panel. There is no other way you can configure it. And also, to change any device settings, you must use the same Admin panel. So it’s essential to know about the networks you are using and their configuration.

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