Most of us use routers and modems everyday. The ‘WiFi’ that we use is due to the existence of routers and modems. But, not all of us know what is. This is basically the default login IP which is reserved for modems or wireless routers.

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Most people do not keep knowledge of this because this is not used in the everyday life of a person. Only the technician requires this information while they are setting up your wifi connection. 

However, you should know a little about this. This comes in use when you wish to change your wifi name or password. You will also get to know about the data traffic and statistics with respect to the router.

Do not worry. We are here to help you out with the basics of IP.

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How to Log in IP Address?

Before anything else, you need to first login on the proper page. You can do this by simply typing in your search engine. You will then immediately be redirected to the login page for the admin panel.

Connecting to database.

One thing to remember is that you need to enter your login credentials in the domain. This can be done like this:

  • The first way is that in front of Admin, you type ‘admin’ and leave the password tab blank.
  • The second way is to leave both tabs blank. Do not enter anything in the Admin Tab nor in the password tab. This should also do the trick.


These were the default methods. Do not worry if you cannot use the methods stated above. This only means that you have a customized username and password, that is all. You can understand what to do by reading the further part of this article.

What To Do If You Forget Router’s Username and Password?

First of all, relax. You have nothing to worry about. It is very simple to reset your password. But first, you should find out the other alternatives to this.

But before you do this, first check the manual of the router. Sometimes, the username and password is there itself. You can also find it on the router. Maybe below or on the sides, but sometimes it is present there. 

If the above does not work, move on to the following one.

What you need to do is, just reset your modem or router. This can be done like this:

You need to first find the reset button. This is found on the bottom or the back of the router. The button is inside a tiny hole. You need to put something small in there to push the button. A pin could work. Note that the object should not be pointy.

Keep the router plugged in. now. Press the button for about 30 seconds. You have now successfully factory resetted your router.

This should fix your problem. You have now reset your password.

How to Troubleshoot Router Errors?

First things first, you must not panic when your router is not working properly. You need to have a little patience.

If there are some issues that you are facing, the best thing to do first would be to relax. Wait for some time. Sometimes the problem gets sorted on its own. 

Sometimes you can just switch off and switch on the power supply of the router. This is also a solution that works most of the time.

However, if it does not, you need to do the reset method. This is something that will certainly solve all of your problems. Although, you should keep something in mind. This is something that you should not do on your own. You must call a technician. They are the specialists in this field. The technicians will make sure that things do not go wrong. They will also make sure that your problems get fixed. This will definitely sort your issue!

List of Popular Router Brands Using as Login IP

Here are some famous routers that use as their login IP. This means that they use the default IP address.

D-Link is one of the few router manufacturing companies that use as its IP address. Here are a few models of the same:

  • D-Link DGS-3612
  • DGS-3224TGR
  • D-Link DES 6500
  • DWS-8600AP
  • D-Link DWS-6600AP
  • DWS-4026
  • D-Link DWS-3600AP


A 10.90.90 router is one of the most basic routers that you can have. There are not too many complications with association to this. This is extremely handy for home use wherein only normal downloading needs to be done.

If you are looking for a router or modem at a reasonable rate, this is your key. This router would not require a lot of maintenance too. 

With this pandemic, most of us have started working indoors. The wifi is working more than it has ever done in the past years. So, there will certainly be problems. Although, you must not get paranoid when you encounter such a problem. The ultimate solution is to wait for some time. Even after that if you see no change, call a specialist. Avoid taking matters into your own hands. This might make the thing worse.

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