Devices that use Internet Protocol for communication assign labels (numerical) called IP addresses to them. There are five classes of IP addresses, of which the first three are in use commercially. Class A has an octet (first) range of 1 to 126 (ex:, Class B has an octet(first) range of 128 to 191 (ex:, Class C has an octet(first) range of 192 to 223 (ex:

The leading roles of IP addresses are location addressing and network (or host) interface identification. Thus the location of the host is provided in the network and creates a path to the host. An IP packet contains an address (IP) of sending and destination hosts.

The computers connected directly to the DSL modems (without routers) use public IPs. Private IPs are those known to the Router (only) and by its home network. A web server does not deliver Internet data to personal IP addresses.

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How To Access

To log in to the IP address, we need to go through a set of steps:

Connecting to database.

  1. First, open the browser from a tablet, PC, smartphone, or web-connected device linked to the Router.
  2. Type in the address bar (Press Enter). A connection with the Router will start to generate by the browser. Enter the username and password.
  3. After the username and password have been put in as asked on the opening page. Access the Router’s setting window and make the necessary configuration adjustments. Afterward, ensure to save the changes before closing the browser.internet connection and the network name
  4. It is mainly the admin with the default credentials (sometimes no entries). If you are not using the D-Link router, it is recommended to try a blank password or use the ‘admin’ key, as most routers are preconfigured with these settings by default.

Getting Into the Admin Login Panel Of

The network name is set by default when the sign is used in the Router. We must first log in to the Router to change it to any of the desired names. After that, there are various ways by which the settings can be changed.


You need to access the Router’s settings page to change the login (default) credentials or the current username and password.



The IP address refers to the Class A address (private IP) block. It is a part of the network. These are commonly set up for private home networks. They are not routable on the internet. We can use the Router, access points (or any other network devices) as the factory default IP. The router management can be accessed by pointing to IP utilizing the web browser.


Devices for local networks receive the IP address, explicitly configured for using this range. Some broadband home routers, including D-Link models and Belkin, also set this as the default IP address.

login router

The IP address is needed only when required/blocks a device with this IP address (assigned to it). For example, we can see that to make changes in a router with as its default IP address; we need this address to do it.

A router with a different IP address can change it to If the local network supports the address in this range, then any of the computers may use For example, a subnet with a starting address of would naturally be able to assign an address in the range of to

Uses of

The IP address is mainly used to set up the (private) home network. Users can use it as the factory (default) IP for the access point (or any other device for the web) and the Router.



Let us have a look at some notable features of this IP Address.

  • Users from different networks can have the same IP address.
  • There is no need for a different DHCP Server or extra stitches to complete the remaining tasks.
  • The information can travel smoothly and without any distortion using this IP Address. It is like a wide-open road with less traffic.


There are different steps for other routers to find their IP address.

  • For Linksys Router

To find the IP address in this Router, visit Setup and then go to Basic Setup.

  • For Netgear Router

To find this Router’s IP address, visit Maintenance and Router Setup Page.


If you are a Windows user and facing difficulty getting through the gateway of your IP address, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Initially, start the command prompt window from the Start menu. You can also ignite it by pressing Windows Key followed by R and then typing cmd in the dialogue box.cmd
  2. Lastly, type ‘ipconfig’ in the black command prompt window and hit the Enter Key.ipconfig


 If you are a MAC user and facing difficulty getting through the gateway of your IP address, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Initially, open System Preferences from the Apple menu.system preferences
  2. Next, search for the network preferences under the Internet and Wireless section. Select the network through which there is a connection and click the advanced button.advanced
  3. Click on the tab saying TCP/IP. Finally, the IP address is written against the Router.


Troubleshooting Router Issues Of IP addresses

There can be many problems regarding IP address issues. To take up a few, we can start with the mistyping confusion of many people. For example, in place of, they may type it as or, or A mistake in typing the IP address may lead to many troubles during the login procedure. Thus it becomes essential the write the correct IP addresses during the login procedures in the Router.



Another case may occur if devices of multiple networks use the same IP address. If we assign only one device with the IP address on the same network, we can avoid these common IP address conflicts. Therefore, if we give to a router, we must not provide it to any client.

router reset

There may be specific issues with hardware-related problems for the Router. In these kinds of problems, it is made sure to rectify these problems.

Points To Remember For

  • The concluding factors include that since (gateway) is a private IP address. Therefore it is required to use this at home on a smaller network.
  • Suppose the network (local) supports the addresses in its range. Then the computer may use the IP address


  • It is to be noted that while accessing the Router’s web interface through We are not obtaining any website over the internet. 
  • While starting your troubleshooting, you need to use a network cable to connect the computer network ports to any of the Router’s LAN ports (Ethernet ports). And under the control panel.
  • Make sure that your local area connection is enabled in Network Connections.


How many classes of IP addresses are there?

Among the five classes of IP addresses, only three classes, namely class A, class B, and class C, find commercially used.

What do IP addresses do?

IP addresses mainly keep track of the location of the user.

How do you open

Log in to the official website of on your browser. You may type in your username and password. Then there will be some configuration that you will have to agree to, then save the changes and close the browser.

What kind of IP address is

Class is A. A default IP address can be modified as well.

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